The Different Types of LED Screens Available in the Market


There are numerous LED screen panel kinds readily available on today’s market, several of the extra typical arrangements consist of fractional display screens, alphanumeric, dot matrix, as well as light bar versions.

In this section, we’ll look more closely at what the distinctions between these kinds of LED Screen NZ displays are, as well as when a specific style or version may show extra economical/useful than another.

  • 7-Segment LED display screens

A 7-segment LED display screen is one in which any type of character can be laid out using a plan of seven separate LED segments. The private diodes in a 7-segment display are prepared in a rough figure-eight form, such that each LED sector can be independently illuminated or left unlit, permitting the grouping to show any type of figure from 0 to 9.

Seven-segment display arrangements are occasionally abbreviated to SSDs, not to be puzzled with the same acronym used for solid-state drives! And can also be described as seven-segment indications. They’re amongst the most common LED display arrangements utilized for offering basic mathematical readouts on a broad variety of tool types.

  • 14-Segment LED screens

A 14-segment LED screen takes the same standard layout as the 7-segment variation described above; however, utilizes double the variety of diodes. Now around organized in the similar figure-eight shape, yet with additional angled diodes going across through the center. This configuration is therefore often referred to as a starburst or Union Jack LED screen.

The boosted LED count allows for a significantly extra in-depth screen, suggesting that complete alphanumeric readouts become more viable. However, despite fourteen sector displays, some letters in the alphabet remain difficult to provide with fantastic clarity, and so the capacity.

  • 16-Segment LED displays

As with the 7-segment as well as 14-segment screens described formerly, 16-segment LED screens additionally comply with the same standard figure-eight arrangement yet adds in a set of extra diodes by splitting both the lower and upper horizontal segments into two.

This permits more detail in the visual making of numbers as well as letters and is normally regarded sufficient for reasonably complete alphanumeric LED screen readouts on tools where a more detailed dot matrix LED screen is not excessive or practical.