The Importance of HIPAA Compliant Instant Messaging for Healthcare Organization


With the advent of smartphones, every business has undergone a sea change. Now that mobile phones are ruling everyone’s life, it makes sense to take full advantage of these devices to improve patient care and their engagement. With the increase in the use of instant messaging for medical facilities, it has become justifiably beneficial to improve the overall internal communications and deliver patient care methods. That’s where adopting HIPAA compliant instant messagingsoftware helps every healthcare organization ensure proper patient information!

Why does it matter?

There are many hospitals, in 21st century, which rely on the antiquated communication methods! This includes pagers and loudspeakers! Additionally, one cannot tell when general practices or emergency room can get flooded with patients!An outdated communication system affects the staffs and their ability to meet the requirements of patients! Thus, using a HIPAA compliant messaging system can be of paramount importance for healthcare organizations. The benefits of using this system include:


  • More effective workflows


With a right messaging system like HIPAA, texts can be sent. By doing so, communication between practitioners and hospital staffs can occur more quickly and effectively.


  • More patients are treated


Nurses and doctors need to locate one another physically in order to notify a patient’s condition. With the use of the HIPAA messaging system, they can send a Text appointment reminder to one another. 


  • Faster time for personal response


Loudspeakers can be difficult to hear, plus it might be unclear at times. A messaging system can be the savior to guide doctors and nurses about the areas of practice that they are required for!


  • Minimizing compliance risks


Implementing HIPAA-compliant instant messaging technology just means that you are minimizing the compliance risks and saving the unnecessary fees of the organization.

These are some of the benefits of adopting HIPAA compliant instant messaging software for every healthcare organization!