The Latest Technology Patents


Ideas are endless. But good ideas are patented. With each new generation, the ideas and innovations seem to become not only more creative but more functional. While technology may have been born out of creativity, it has progressed to become instrumental in daily life for both individuals and corporations. If you’re on the verge of the next big idea, be sure to contact a Scottsdale patent lawyer to help you get your idea from thought to paper.

One of the most exciting things about having great ideas is that major corporations are always in the market and looking to buy. You can easily get paid just for being brilliant. For example, in 2020 over 399,000 patents were granted from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the majority filed by IBM. While patents had a wide range of industries, the top emerging patents were in electronic smoking devices and computer systems based on biological models.

Here are some of the latest and greatest technology patents:

Waterproof Galaxy Earbuds

Finally, a truly waterproof earbud designed for swimmers that goes beyond just water resistant. The highlight of the technology includes a flexible tube neckband that goes behind the neck to connect two wireless earbuds featuring built-in two-way speakers, and several microphones and sensors. The earbuds would also allow wireless connectivity so you can keep track of your activity and hear real time stats as you exercise.

Self-Deploying Screen by Apple

Apple has a proposed patent for a shield that would activate and protect the screen when a built-in sensor detects a fall. Fingers crossed, no more glass replacements!

Game Changing Glasses by Nike

Nike currently has a patent for glasses that include a built in ball-tracker that will also calculate all possible outcomes of your golf swing. Talk about a game changer!

Natural Disaster Warning System

NASA filed a patent to predict endangering natural disasters such as earthquakes and major storm systems. This new technology would measure changes in the tectonic activity to predict natural disasters before they happen. Its aim is to save lives and millions of dollars in annual damages.


Walmart has secured a patent for robotic bees with built in cameras that could identify plants to pollinate that organic bees would naturally be attracted to. With the recent decline in these essential pollinators, this technology could save the crops!

Unfortunately, securing a patent is harder than just coming up with good ideas. There are strict guidelines for what is patentable, the steps to patenting an idea, and what documents and diagrams are needed. Don’t let someone else steal your good ideas, get your inventions patented by a lawyer today!