Tips to Improve Your FPS Game


If you are playing FPS games for quite some time now, using all the online tips and the cheat codes from Fragcache, but are still far from excelling at those games, you probably have something wrong with your aim. In such cases, you are most likely unable to survive for long on the field.

Eben though you practice a lot and play hard, at times, frustration overwhelms you as you get shot in multiple games by the perfect shooters even before you get a chance to make your mark. These tips are here for you so that you can make your aim better with time.

  • Play at Your Own Pace: Playing with other experienced players might be very disorienting for new players. They tend to go at the pace of the experienced players and end up getting killed in no time. It is very important to keep in mind that the experienced players also had to practice a lot to be able to play at a fast pace. Therefore, a new player should play at whatever pace they are comfortable with and not panic.
  • Do Not Sprint Unnecessarily: Sprinting involves additional animation frames that ultimately contribute to wastage of time. New players tend to overlook the time that they miss out on due to unnecessary sprinting. Sprinting is a waste of time unless done with the purpose of getting to places on the map.
  • Be Unpredictable: New players tend the return to the same hiding spot over and over again. Experienced players anticipate this action after a few games, resulting in the new player’s death at the same spot repeatedly. The trick is to be as unpredictable as possible so that no one has the luxury of anticipating your hiding place and killing you right away.
  • Do Not Move in a Straight Line: New players have a tendency to ‘close the distance’ between them and their enemies during a fight. But this ultimately backfires and makes the harder shots easier for the enemy. Whereas, if the gamer moves in a zigzag motion, it becomes difficult for the enemy to aim at the target.

These basic tips in aiming for FPS games will take the gamer a long way in the game. All the strategies that a player might intend to use will never succeed unless they have the above mentioned basics clear in their head. Thus, it is best to practice as much as they can to ensure that they become good at the game.