Top Air Simulation Games To Consider For Your Pleasure


Nothing beats relaxing cheerfully. Playing a simulation game allows that. Simulation games allow learning and relaxation, mostly because they are realistic as real-life locations and instances and can be adapted for real-life events. Therefore, the brain feels comfortable and adaptable to such a virtual environment. Are you looking to have a nice time playing cool air-based simulation games? Well, here are some top selections that you can consider for your pleasure, beginning from an ATC Simulation.

FeelThere Air Traffic Control Simulation Game: 

This is one of the most favorite simulation games currently making waves in the gaming industry. It is a game that positions you as a flight controller with the responsibility to implement procedures for flight takeoffs and landing. A notable company rolling one of such awesome games into the market is FeelThere; hence, you may want to check out the ATC Simulation game. The game provides a voice assistant, which is the first of its kind, to make the gameplay easier and more interesting. You also get to choose an airport of your choice from a list of available options.  

Flight Simulator: 

Flight simulators are games that position the player in charge of flights, mainly as the pilot. Unlike the ATC game, this one is a flight simulator that allows the players to see themselves as ones who hold control of the plane, usually with a cockpit view. So, gamers can navigate the movement of their aircraft and guide it in a journey, takeoff, and landing. To get the fullness of what this game has to offer, you may need to purchase some of its features in the best of its light.

Battle and Air War Games: 

Some games’ configurations are about battles, with you having the role to navigate your plane, either as a solo pilot or with a team. Some games are based on the era of wars. For instance, some were based on World War 2 (WW2). Many of these games are played like a flight sim more than the battles involved. Beginner-level players can play such games, too. Since this type of simulation game is all about war, it involves more technicalities to be played as a pilot. However, games in this category are accessible for beginners without much complications before they fall in tune.

Flight Attendant Simulation Games:  

If you are looking to get into the host and hostess kinda thing, then you could look up games in this line. However, based on personal judgment, they could be less intriguing when compared to others, such as the action-packed flight or ACT simulation games. In games like this, you would have the responsibilities of attending to passengers, pass announcements, give instructions, and other things that you would expect a flight attendant to answer to.

These are top picks that easily come to mind. However, if you are willing to explore, you can check out war team games –ones where you are responsible for building a crew of warfighters and flight management.