Top Virtual Escape Rooms For Team Building


Virtual escape rooms are online activities that are conducted via online video conferencing platforms. During these activities, team members come together to complete puzzles and solve riddles.

It is a great way to promote team building when you are working remotely. If you are searching for virtual escape rooms for large groups, we have the best options for you to try with your team.

Here is the list of the best virtual escape room games for team building:

1. Murder in Ancient Egypt

This virtual event is full of mysteries and riddles. Participants are divided into groups in breakout rooms. The goal is to solve a historical murder mystery. There will be prompts and clues that will guide you to solve the mystery. But the most important thing is to work together. It is a 90-minute event facilitated by a host.

2. Wildly Different Escape Rooms

This escape room event can be played through an app. The best thing about the company is that it can design an escape room game just for you and your team members. They can also tailor clues and questions to fit your brand or industry to create a relevant video conferencing game.

3. The Grimm Escape

This is one of the most popular escape room games out there. The Grimm Escape from Puzzle Break is perfect for large groups. It is an adventurous event with an engaging story. It can accommodate as many players as needed. It features time-sensitive riddles that need to be solved by the participants. But this escape room event comes a bit expensive as it costs $25 per person.

4. Cofundrum Escape Rooms

Cofundrum’s Escape rooms feature 3D graphics which makes them better and different from other escape room events. It gives a video game-like feel. There are different virtual rooms and each of them has a different difficulty level. This event can accommodate up to eight members. There are multiple themes available including Twisted Woods, Blackbeard’s Brig, and Cyberspace. They also offer package deals for corporate groups.

5. Murder in the Speakeasy

This prohibition-themed murder mystery is one of the best virtual escape events you will try. It is full of riddles and puzzles, and they are quite difficult to solve. It requires everyone to work together and lasts for one and half hours. If you want something challenging, Murder in the Speakeasy could be a great choice for you.

Virtual escape room activities are a fun and entertaining way to bring your team closer. It can help you build a strong team.