TV Aerial Installation Questions


Most TV aerial installation business exist to help you with all concerns as well as inquiries that surround TV aerial installation and repair. Below is a list of over 20 of the most typically asked TV satellite and also airborne TV inquiries.

1. I have actually re-tuned as well as I have the wrong area. Why?

The channel regularities have actually been relocated, so your TV aerial may be grabbing a signal from an alternative transmitter. Some networks are now really close together, so the only option might be to switch your airborne for one with a slim beam width and attenuate out the undesirable signal. You might try unplugging the airborne after that begin a re-tune, after that insert the airborne when the regional channels are to be stored.

2. I have water in my airborne wire/ coax cable, what should I do?

The airborne downlead will require changing, potentially the airborne as well.

3. Can I run more than one TV/Freeview box off my existing aerial?

All of it depends upon signal toughness. If the signal is solid enough a splitter can be utilized to run added TV factors. An amplifier can be set up to run multiple TV aerial points from one airborne if the signal is low.

4. Just how do you bring a TV aerial cord into your home?

There are a number of methods to do this. On a mature property, our WeFitAerials engineer would normally drill through an outside wall surface with a 10mm drill, after that run the aerial lead with a grommet on the inner wall and also sealer on the outside. If you have wood home windows we can bring the airborne cord with the structure, yet as most of properties currently have PVC frameworks the wall surface option is favored.

5. Can I have a plug in aerial socket fitted?

Yes, there are a few different types of airborne outlets. There are surface installed ones that screw to the skirting board, or flush outlets that go onto a back-box that is screwed to the wall or cut into the plaster board. When set up, all these options are neat.

6. My digital TV aerial has fallen down off its brackets on the chimney, will it still receive an excellent reception?

If it is encountering the transmitter it will probably still obtain some networks, but it is recommended to get a WeFitAerials designer bent on repair the airborne trouble prior to anymore damages is done to the aerial or your home.

7. My photo on my digital TV is breaking up/going into squares/pixellating, is this my aerial?

The bulk of time indeed, it is an airborne fault. If it is an aerial problem, it normally directs to a bad or weak signal or possibly 4G LTE mobile phone signals.

8. I have some networks missing on Freeview, why is this?

If any of these are weaker than the signal degree required for the digital TV/Freeview box to secure onto, the networks brought in that mux will certainly be missing, resulting in channels missing on your Freeview. This then points to an aerial mistake.

9. Can I run more than one satellite receiver off my meal?

Yes, however you have to have a multiple feed LNB on your satellite dish. They come as quad (4 way) or octo (8 way). You need to remember, if you are running a PVR box (recorder), package will certainly call for a twin feed from the dish. A conventional box will only call for a single cable.

10. What is a wideband airborne?

A wideband airborne covers the entire band width channels 21-69. Various transmitters make use of different components of the data transfer, so you can also have what are called organized aerials.

– A team. Red. Networks 21-37.

– C/D group. Green. Networks 48-68.

– B group. Yellow. Networks 35-53.

– Wideband. Networks 21-69.

11. What is the distinction in between a masthead amplifier as well as a trouble amplifier?

A masthead amplifier typically goes up on the aerial pole, so you can run TV aerial cords from the aerial to multiple factors. If you want to enjoy live Freeview TV then you will certainly require an ideal airborne. Contact your cable tv provider DeMotte, IN for further information.

12. What is an omni directional DAB/FM aerial?

Omni directional means the aerial will choose up from all around, so it can take radio signals from various transmitters where the function is great sufficient. If you are in a fringe function area, WeFitAerials suggests a multi element directional airborne, primarily focused to one transmitter, to attain optimal signal gain.

13. Skies have declined my Sky HD, Sky Q satellite dish installation

If you have actually been rejected a set up by Sky then don’t panic. We have a team of very skilled engineers that are experts in difficult setups such as roof covering special or suitable heights, we lug all aspects of braces so most of the time we can locate a way to get your TV working.

14. My satellite TV picture is separating

When it rains or the climate is poor and the picture is separating you might need the satellite dish considering as it may be out of positioning or there could be something somewhat blocking the signal such as a tree or structure work etc.

15. Am I obtaining 4G mobile phone disturbance

Are you experiencing Freeview photo separate at certain times of the day? This could be to 4G mobile phone disturbance. Click the link to do an online diagnostic.

16. My Freesat has quit working after having SkyQ set up

SkyQ makes use of a various LNB on the meal so you will certainly require to either have a Hybrid LNB installed to the existing recipe, this enables 4x Freesat or Sky+ outcomes or have another recipe mounted for Freesat.

17. Does my smart TV require an aerial?

Then you will require an ideal aerial, if you desire to watch live Freeview TV. Then a web connection is called for, if you only view catch up. To check coverage click the link

18. Do I require an airborne for Freeview Play?

Yes is the solution, in addition to a broadband link. See link for information

19. Can I wall place my TV on a stud wall?

Yes as well as no! All of it relies on the dimension and also weight of the TV. What we generally do is utilize a bracket that is larger than called for so the weight of the TV is spread over a larger location. For more info check out TV installing.

20. Can I use Freeview with a satellite dish?

No, Freeview calls for a top quality TV aerial and also wire.

21. Can I utilize my TV aerial for Freesat?

No, the hint is in the name FreeSAT, this requires a satellite dish installation, check Freesat for details.

22. I have actually suddenly shed ALL Freeview reception.

To check click the web link at the top of the web page if you have no function at all it may be a transmitter mistake.

The network regularities have actually been moved, so your TV aerial may be choosing up a signal from an alternative transmitter. You might attempt unplugging the airborne after that begin a re-tune, then place the aerial when the local channels are to be saved.

If the signal is reduced, then an amplifier can be set up to run multiple TV aerial points from one aerial.

A masthead amplifier typically goes up on the aerial pole, so you can run TV aerial cords from the aerial to multiple factors. If you want to enjoy live Freeview TV then you will certainly require an ideal airborne.

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