TV Stand vs. Wall Mount: Which is Better for Your TV?


Once upon a time, all we had for mounting our TVs was TV stands. These days, a lot has changed and we have wall mounts as well. Because of this, we are now caught between TV stands and wall mounts.

Many people are not sure which is better for their TVs. Frankly, the TV stand vs. wall mount debate is one that will always exist. We understand that you are at a crossroads regarding which to choose. That’s why we decided to write this post to lay down all the facts.

After reading this post, you will be able to decide which is best for you.

Wall mounts

Just as the name implies, wall mounts help you mount your TV against your wall. Many people prefer this method of mounting TVs for flat screens but there’s a lot more to consider. These mounts come with several mounts, brackets, and screws.

Flat-screen TVs come with a VESA mounting interface that makes it easy to mount them using this method. There are different styles of wall mounts with different features. The different features have several purposes so you can choose depending on your preferences.

Merits of Wall Mounts

One of the easiest ways of deciding whether wall mounts are best for your TV is checking the merits and demerits. Without a doubt, wall mounts come with several benefits. We have outlined a few below.

Space – Wall mounts are great for rooms that don’t have enough space. With wall mounts, you are assured of reducing the clutter in your living room. This is because it doesn’t occupy floor space.

Style – One of the factors to consider when choosing between TV stands and wall mounts is style. If your décor has a modern look, you should go for a wall mount. It has a modern look and compliments the modern look of your living room.

Cable organization – When you have cables scattered all around, it makes your space look funny and untidy. Wall mounts are very efficient in this regard since all your cables go behind the TV straight to the mains.

Easy installation – Wall mounts are very easy to install and are also comfortable to use. You can install it as a novice once you go through the guide.

Demerits of Wall Mounts

No room for error – If you make a mistake when setting up your wall mount, it will be obvious. Making mistakes with the bolts is even more dangerous. Your TV could fall off.

Height – For some people, the height of the TV is a problem. You need to take measurements before you set up the mount. If you don’t, you’ll have neck problems.

TV Stands

TV stands look very much like cabinets. You can place your TV on the top flat surface and have your other gadgets in the remaining compartments. There are several designs made from different materials depending on what you want.

Merits of TV Stands

Extra storage – This is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of TV stands. If you have game consoles, a home theater system, and other gadgets, a TV stand works for you.

Cable management – Many TV stands today come with an efficient cable management system. Just like wall mounts, TV stands are great for cable management in their right.

Easy setup – Even though wall mounts are easy to set up, TV stands don’t need setting up in most cases. They come pre-installed so you just need to drop them where you want them to be.

Demerits of TV Stands

  1. They occupy more space.
  2. Not very safe for your TV especially with children and pets around.

Wrap Up

By now, you should have a clear picture of which of TV stands or wall mounts suits your purposes. Did we leave anything out? Drop your suggestions in the comments section below.