Types of E Girls


One of the biggest communities online is the E girl community. They are girls who wear makeup, are adorable, and make many different content on social media. Not only do they have fun making the content they like, they also entertain people who find joy in their content. Of course, not all E Girls make the same content. There are different types of E Girls too.


TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms out there today and is a good place to make a name for yourself. This platform was initially released back in 2016. Throughout the years, it has acquired over a billion users. That’s an impressive number. Of course, there’s going to be lots of content creators with different types of content.

E Girls are a big part of the TikTok community. TikToker E Girls can make different types of content on this platform. Some show their talent in dancing and lip syncing, perfectly matching their body and lips’ movements to the music. Others like to sing and show that they have the voices of angels. There are also those who like to do vlogs. Talk about their hair care routine, their daily lives, the games they play, etc. TikTok could also help those chasing to be content creators jump start their career.


These are the E Girls who show their talent when it comes to art. They can show how they make their artistic creations. They can show clips of how they stroke their brush across the canvas and at the end of the video they show the final result. Alternatively, they could show the full process and even add commentary to serve as a guide or a tutorial. Show viewers how to add wrinkles to clothes on drawings, how to properly add shades, etc.

There are also those who use Photoshop and record themselves using it. They could show astonishing edits that are completely out of this world. Pictures and images are so well edited that you wouldn’t even think they were edited. Some also do weird and funny edits like giving The Rock the shape of Mr. Bean’s face. Not only will they impress you, they’ll give you a laugh as well.


Of course, let’s not forget one of the biggest E Girl communities out there. Almost every gaming platform and site has E Girls in them. They can do live streams on different streaming sites such as YouTube and Twitch. They inspire many others to start their gaming journey. Some also go to sites like Gank to play and meet other gamers as well. They do this to earn a living but also to have a fun time. Many people hire and watch E Girls play video games.

A lot of E Girls have made big names for themselves through gaming. Take Pokimane, Amouranth, KaceyTron, and many others as examples. They have thousands of followers on Twitch and/or YouTube and have entertained millions of viewers throughout their careers.

You can hire many E Girls to play with or to talk to on Gank. You could invite them to play casual or competitive games or invite them to VR Chat to talk and get to know them better. It helps you make friends with them without having to leave your home. If you plan on becoming an E Girl or a Boy yourself, you could go to them for advice.