Virtual Staging Is Powerful Marketing Tool in the Real Estate Sector


Virtual Staging is the process of creating high-resolution digital images, animation, or videos of the homes and building interiors. Here the designers create virtual staging on empty rooms and spaces by digitally creating furniture and interiors. It gives the visuals of how the rooms can look after the actual interior designing and furnishings are done.

Visualizations designers use advanced software and tools to create high-quality models of vacant homes for their clients, but after adding the furniture and interiors. This concept is used quite extensively in the real estate business because most prospective buyers prefer viewing fully furnished homes instead of empty rooms. It works as an effective marketing technique to improve sales of homes and offices.

TALLBOX is a leading company offering architectural visualizations. This London-based company has been offering designing and virtual staging services for more than 10 years. They have a team of talented architects, artists, and designers, who create truly impressive and eye-catching media files of high quality.

Wide range of options and types

Virtual designs can be created and used in many ways. These days, video virtual staging is more popular among the end customers as it gives them a walkthrough of a place even before visiting in person. 

These designs can also be used for de-cluttering a room and making it look spick and span. Even the cluttered old attics and lofts can be made to look great. Of course, the owners will need to do up the place for real once the deal gets finalized with the buyers.

Another new type in virtual staging is 360 Staging. These are more like videos but the users can interact with the videos, and explore the homes however they like. Staging can also be used for giving an ultra-luxury look to an empty home. 

In addition to interiors, virtual staging can also be used for making videos and images of home exteriors, which can be rotated and scene from all different angles as per the end-user requirements.

Even renovation companies use digital staging technology to give visuals of how the homes can look after they complete the project. It is an effective marketing tool for home improvement companies. The best thing about these images and files is that they can be used on websites, and also for sharing.

Architects and builders also use this technology for making images of buildings and floor plans. The viewers can also look at the buildings from the birds-eye view of drone photography views. The potential customers get to see the final results even before the construction jobs are completed.

Highly affordable

Another good thing about virtual staging is that it is an inexpensive method for attracting sales. These images are generally available for as low as £ 35. Therefore it is ideal even for homeowners and smaller companies to showcase their homes or buildings.

Customers can also ask these architectural visualizations service providers to make the changes on images if they need. They will make the necessary changes as per the customized requirement of their clients.