Nature has given us humans millions of gifts and one of the best gifts is “animals”. Whether it is a little kitten to a graceful lioness, or whether it is a huge yet stunning giraffe or the black and white fur balls called pandas. We are blessed to have animals as they are representatives of beauty. They also bring so many benefits. The sight of a deer running, a koala climbing up the tree, a lion enjoying a meal, are all tremendous, and we all want more of these sights, right? VirZOO is an app that makes it possible for us to have our favorite animals with us, whenever we want.

VirZOO App

VirZOO is basically an app that connects all the zoos on the planet with its users. With this app, the users get an opportunity to learn from zoos all over the planet. They also remain connected with the zoos.

VirZOO is designed to provide a very unique experience to its users. The users get to live stream their favorite animals directly on their phones, they also get 24-hour access.

The coolest part of this whole experience is that you have the ability to symbolically adopt an animal that you love and you can support it directly to make its life better. Animals provide human beings with a lot of benefits so it is our duty to give them back in some way and VirZOO is a perfect platform to give back to the animals.

VirZOO App

While you are viewing your favorite animals, you may come up with certain questions. All the exotic animals that you will be viewing, you will get all the information related to them. Not only this, but you also get precise answers to your questions just by a single touch on the screen.

VirZOO has distinct features that you may not have witnessed before. It has an interactive map that allows you to search for animals. You can simply zoom in to see the natural habitats and explore animals through wildlife cameras for hobby and professionals.

You will be able to get the live stream through the existing cameras and the new cameras installed. This way, you will be able to get 24 hours monitoring of the animals. With the help of motion sensors, you will be notified when the animals are moving.

With this app, you will also get to see the happenings in the zoos such as shows and feedings. If you have ever been curious about behind the scenes of the zoos, then with this app, you will also get to see all the things that go into the proper running of the zoo and taking care of the animals.

The excitement doesn’t end here! Another cool thing about this app is that you get to learn a lot. All the fun facts and information related to animals will be easily accessible through this app. There is a fun trivia game as well, with which the people can really enjoy this app.

This app is created specifically designed to maximize user interactions. You can check up on your favorite animals whenever you like. You can even donate to the zoo so that they can take care of the animals. Your donations can also be used to remodel the zoo, install anything new that may be needed, or just to improve the overall functioning of the zoo.

Some of the net profit that will be generated through this app will be used for wildlife conservation and to overcome pollution in the oceans and wildfires that cause harm to the natural habitats of animals.

The Zoos will be able to generate money through this app that they may use for various purposes. The zookeepers will also get tips for the effort they put in the zoos.

There are subscriptions rewards as well. The three different types of subscriptions include 6-month, 1 year, 5 years, and a lifetime. You also get your hands on the collectible VirZOO stuffed animals that are super adorable.

Above all is one cool thing and that is the custom VirZOO plaque that will recognize your contributions. You also get private zoo tours for up to five people.

If you love animals then this app is certainly a great platform for you to have interaction with your favorite animals and you also get to support them.

A virtual zoo app linking all the zoos of the world with its users!