Ways In Which User Onboarding Software Increases Adoption Rates


When new software is introduced into the system, the employees are generally trained in its usage. But research statistics prove that most employees forget what they have been taught within 24hours. This can lead to:

  • A lowering of the ROI from the money spent on this training and
  • Frustration on the part of employees when they are unable to remember the gist of the same.

This tends to lower employee productivity and increase employee work dissatisfaction thereby leading to an abandonment of the new software altogether. 

But when user onboarding software is used, these dynamics change drastically. With performance support available whenever required, it helps to increase adoption rates by:

  • Intuitively understanding what the employee needs: The process of seeking online or offline help in understanding the usage of new software can be quite complicated and time-consuming. But the choice of good onboarding software can easily resolve these productivity-draining problems. It has the capability of intuitively understanding where the user is stuck and then help the employee by serving him the most appropriate issue-resolving content.
  • Providing contextual guidance when needed: Typically during software training employees are expected to learn all the new commands and operations and become proficient in them overnight. But practical researches show otherwise. The use of the onboarding software enables employees to learn and understand the process of carrying out a task at the very moment when they need to execute it. Thus employees get hands-on training which enables better retention and faster adoption of the new software. 
  • Collecting usage data to offer proactive support: Good onboarding software comes with certain in-built data collection features which help to measure important software engagement and retention metrics. This can help identify the trouble spots and thus offer proactive support to increases adoption rates.

With such proactive hands-on support readily available, the need for a traditional training session gets reduced or even eliminated. Thus the use of the onboarding software along with the feature adoption software help save the company money and also ensures that better employee productivity.