What Are The Advantages Of Managed VPS Hosting For New Business Owners?


A website has become an essential digital asset. In fact, many new businesses launch their websites way before they commence operations. They try reaching out to their target market, create a buzz about the brand, assess the efficiency of their marketing plan, and establish an online presence with the website at the nucleus of it all. 

There has been a change in the way people look for products and services. With search engines providing most answers, websites have evolved as the first interaction most people have with a brand. Hence, as a new business owner, focusing on customer experience on the website takes the topmost priority. 

When you think about site experience, the most important factor that you must consider is the web hosting plan. There are many web hosting plans available like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Virtual Servers Hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. These plans are available in many variants like Windows or Linux-based plans, HDD or SSD-powered servers, managed or unmanaged services, etc. 

Of all these plans and their variations, Managed VPS Hosting plans are preferred by many new business owners. A Managed VPS Hosting provider ensures that new business owners get the features needed by them to offer the desired site experience to visitors. Here are the advantages of Managed VPS plans for new businesses.

Control & Customization

New businesses have to usually compete against established players who already have a brand presence and an online following. Hence, most new business owners try to create a customized browsing experience for online users. A VPS has account isolation and full root access that allows site owners to install any third-party application or make changes to the server environment. With Managed VPS Hosting, you have a team of technical experts to make these changes for you. This offers optimum control without taking away too much of your time and effort.

Site Security

Nobody likes a website that has security issues. Online users tend to abandon such sites and search engines rank them lower than those that are secure. While a VPS is designed to keep various security issues at bay and a good provider can ensure that you are protected against threats like a DDoS attack, malware, and viruses, when you opt for managed services, you have the added comfort of a technical expert running security scans and ensuring the security of your site. This helps you create a secure hosting environment and a safe browsing experience.


Most new businesses have low IT budgets. Hence, they look for hosting plans that are not too heavy on their pockets. Managed VPS Hosting in India is not one of the cheapest plans but is highly cost-efficient. The extra money that you pay for Managed VPS services easily outweighs the costs.


While a new business might start small, the growth trajectory is usually steep. This means that new businesses can grow exponentially in a short time. This usually results in a sudden increase in site traffic. To manage the extra traffic, you would require additional hosting resources. Managed VPS Hosting plans usually offer hassle-free scalability options where you can add resources in no time.

Summing Up

Running and managing a website is a technical process. Also, a VPS needs some technical knowledge since it offers administrative rights over the server (full root access). Hence, if you are opting for a VPS Server as a new business owner, then it might be prudent to consider opting for a Managed VPS Hosting plan. Good Luck!