What are the applications of the gantry and semi-gantry cranes?


If you are in the construction industry, it is essential to have the best lifting equipment. Cranes are the widely used equipment used for lifting heavy objects or materials. They are connected with trolley and rails, which enable the cranes to move in a vertical direction. Hence, cranes appear as a vital component in the development of bigger buildings, including manufacturing plants, factories, and industrial warehouses.

Gantry cranes are the kind of overhead lifting equipment boasting of double or single girder configuration. Everything is supported by the freestanding legs, which move along a rail system or track or on wheels. They are different kinds of gantry cranes available now, so you can learn about them properly before choosing anyone. It is because not every model can suit all your lifting needs.

When it comes to semi-gantry cranes, they are popular and widely-used kind of cranes. The one leg of this equipment runs along the rail over the surface. The next one runs along with the runway system attached to the wall. It is highly advised to determine the overall height variation between these two legs based on your requirements or construction site.

Where to use gantry cranes?

It is essential to know that a gantry crane is used for different construction and industrial applications based on their load capacity, size, and capability of moving in a facility.  Hence, it is essential to choose this crane with the right parameters. The gantry cranes are used in various real-life applications, and few of them are given below.


  • Warehouses


Based on the weight and size of the goods, you can utilize various kinds of cranes that range from big double girder equipment to compact single girder ones. 


  • Manufacturing Plants


 Every kind of manufacturing plan can use various kinds of gantry cranes. The steel plants, airplane, and automobile manufacturing units are using the gantry cranes. Based on your application and needs, you can utilize either a double girder or single girder, adjustable, and portable kind of gantry cranes.

These cranes are also used in shipyards, construction industry, and railway yards. If you have more interest in knowing about its application, you can visit https://www.etihadcranes.com/products/gantry-cranes-and-semi-gantry-cranes