What are the various Reddit concepts and how do you use the platform?


Reddit is one of the most popular and reliable sources where users worldwide post authentic reviews, questions and comment answers according to what’s being posted. But, how do you use the platform? Are you aware of the countless of terms or concepts that come with the platform or how it works?

What is Reddit? How does it work?

Users sign up for free by creating an account on this social platform. You’ll be able to create and submit posts. Now, the authenticity and visibility of your posts solely depends on the upvotes or downvotes depending on it they find it valuable or to useful to them. It honestly depends on luck, your post can be very valuable but if it gets downvoted or receives no votes at all, users will automatically move away.

For those of you who don’t understand how Reddit works, you should know that the platform is split into communities and sub-reddits, where moderators check to see if the post is reliable or not. You’ll find various subjects or topics ranging from technology guidelines according to reddit, job designations, best VPNs Reddit, or even fast food joints and topics related to home economics. If a subreddit gets the most upvotes or notice, it will be added to the main or front page of Reddit.

Reddit concepts, what are they?

If you truly want to be a Reddit guru, make sure you study the platform and understand what the Reddit concepts are all about. For instance, you’ll find the most common and important Reddit concepts highlighted below just in case you need to understand them better:

  • Reddit gold: this is for users who want a premium membership of the service. It’s mainly used by businesses and entrepreneurs who’re looking to build links over the platform. For instance, if you’re running a business that promotes affordable car deals or the best VPN deals, creating a premium account is something to consider. With a premium account, you’ll be able to turn off ads, create customized avatars and even create subreddits for other users with a gold Reddit subscription.
  • Karma: this is a great part of Reddit. Users or commenters who get regular or a great amount of upvotes and recognition, their Karma score goes up. For users who post constant spam or get downvoted a great number of times, their Karma score goes lower. It’s just a point system to show other users how great and authentic your posts or comments are.
  •  AMAs (Ask me anythings): this allows users to specify their profession, allowing other users to ask them anything, which is basically what the name says too. Users will then go around answering questions according to what they qualify in. You’ll find a complete subreddit platform for AMAs called “r/lamA.”
  • User profiles: you can create your account for free on Reddit, but, at the same time, you’ll be able to stay anonymous if you’re not really all that in for keeping your name out in the open. However, this doesn’t mean that Reddit can’t keep track of all that you’re doing online, the submissions and comments you’ve created or posted.