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What is a CTR bot? Best practices.

We recently noticed a new trend in the SEO sphere. Impressions, clicks, and CTR can be easily manipulated in the Google Search Console…

Is this good news? How to protect from that or use that to your advantage.

Let’s break down this topic by a short definition of the CTR bot.

What is a CTR bot?

A CTR bot is a tool (software) that can generate searches from search engines (like Google.com, yahoo.com, etc…).

This software is using proxies so that it can artificially simulate a geo-location (like USA, France, Germany, Turkey, Canada, India, or wherever…)

A CTR bot can give an influence on your website metrics like the bounce rate, the direct traffic, the mobile rate, the desktop rate, the time per session…

By using this tool the workflow takes place this way:

  • You enter keywords and the URL of your website in the software.
  • The bot searches these keywords on a search engine.
  • Then it crawls the SERP until it finds your site.
  • Afterward, the bot clicks on your site and finally visit it with human behavior.
  • It can visit the number of pages that you choose and stay on your site for the length of time that you wish.

Now that you know what is a CTR bot as a software, you have to know the effect that can have this tool on your website.

What is the effect of the CTR bot on your website?

If you start running this kind of tool, you will fastly notice that the number of clicks in your Google search console would increase, so do the impressions.

The CTR is the ratio of clicks/impressions. By using a CTR bot you will be able to increase the CTR of your website.

But by doing that all this other website will get some impressions but they will not receive clicks so there CTR will decrease.

Imagine now that you are in very low competition niches with only 100 monthly searches per keywords per month.

Let’s say that you chose the micro-niche of the “unicorn stickers for MacBook”.

The keyphrase “unicorn stickers for MacBook” is 100 searches per month of google.

And now you suddenly generate 1000 searches/day for these keywords by adding the name of your brand:

“unicorn stickers for MacBook Stickland”

What will happen is that Google will notice that there is such an interest in this request in this tiny niche.

So Google will trigger for you a Google suggest with your brand name once someone writes: unicorn stickers:

So this a good trick to trigger Google suggest and drive more traffic.

Experience: Does CTR affect SEO ranking?

I was wandering around the web looking for new solutions to improve my SEO of my blog and my E-commerce sites…

I finally came across this study that totally changed my business: https://sparktoro.com/blog/queries-clicks-influence-googles-results/#

In this study Rand Fishkin, SEO consultant at MOZ, generated 228 visits to his site from google search results, using the keyword IMEC LAB.

Result of the experiment: in a few hours his website ranking increased from 7th to 1st position!

Generating clicks from one or more keywords to his website indicates to Google that the site is the most relevant for the search term entered by the visitor, and positions it higher in the ranking.

Quick reminder: higher you rank for a search term, more likely you will get traffic and income from your site. (70% of the clicks appear in the 5 search results.)

The risk of the bots and how to prevent it?

If somebody with bad intentions is using a CTR traffic bot on your site it can be a problem.

It can try to do some negative SEO to you by using a bot spotted by Google.

In the worst-case scenario, it can use it on your ads like google ads to make lose your money in CPC.

In this situation, you should use a service like Cloudflare to prevent those kinds of bots.

You should refer to this article that they wrote about this.

In the case that you are using a good bot for positives use cases, like improving your CTR, your SEO rankings, and your clicks, then you can feel safe because that would be only positive for your site.

Which is the best Google CTR bot safe for your website?

SearchSEO is a Google search bot, well known as the only CTR bot safe and reliable for your website.

You can now increase the number of clicks by keywords to increase your CTR and your rankings!

And even more than that, the clicks are recorded in the Google Search Console.

The available features are :

  • Generate searches from the SERP
  • Choice of the number of clicks per keyword
  • Bounce rate and mobile traffic
  • Scroll rate
  • Traffic during the week
  • Location (150+ countries available)
  • Domain name or sub-domain
  • Tracking your keywords positions

Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

As we know it’s a tool you’re looking for, we invite you to try SearchSEO for 3 days free trial.

It’s time to take advantage.