What Is Captcha, Why It Is Used And Types of Captcha?


The Captcha is a test organized to find out if there is a real user or just a spam bot. If you think that Captcha is a weird name then you will be surprised to know the actual name is the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The user often encounters these kinds of tests that are conducted by the web admits managing the bot activity. On the other hand, anti-Captcha is a Captcha solving service at a very low price per captcha. At first, it was considered that services like anti captcha can be expansive but these days they offer effective service at a much affordable price. No, the Captcha solving service is not a bad thing because only legit users will opt for anti captcha API. After all, a spammer will not opt for any paid service to promote spam.

Why Captcha is Used?

Not all of the premium websites offer paid registration such as Yahoo, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Hotmail and so that offers free registration to the users. Because the free registration forms are the major target of the spam bots and hackers. It is important to use the Captcha on every website where they are offering free registration. This is the best way to eliminate spam registration and only get real users.

Online Shopping Gets More Secure

The online stores use Captcha in their store so only the real user will put information before putting any transaction. When it comes to the online store, the store owner needs to make sure that only the real user will put the order. Furthermore, it will prevent spam or fake ordering as well. Sometimes the real users get annoying because of appearing again and again so 2 Captcha is used to bypass Captcha by real users.

Spam Comment Prevention

Spammers can create hundreds of comments on a single post. This is a negative point for the website as the search engine such as Yahoo, Google and Bing will consider that a website with huge comments on a single post may invite spam. This is why the website owner uses Captcha to prevent so only human users will post comments. But if a user is unable to post comments then 2capcha can be used to bypass Captcha.

Email Account Protection

A huge number of people have experienced the issue where their email account has been taken over by the hackers and the email account is used for malicious purposes. You will never know where your email account is being used because you will not be able to login to your account. To prevent this problem putting a Captcha whenever an email will need to be sent will be helpful. However, in the same situation, the 2captcha API is very helpful especially when the Captcha is appearing again and again and you need to send an email too often.

Types of Captcha

Several types of Captcha sometimes are easy to solve and sometimes they are so hard that you may need to use anti captcha key to solve the Captcha.

Interactive Games Captcha

One of the best things about Captcha is that there can be as many types as you like and want. One of the Captcha types is an interactive game. That can be a drag and drop game such as dragging a football to the goal or you will be asked to select a color and activities alike. Usually, no anticaptcha sort of services will be opted by the user because of being simple and easy Captcha.

Word and Audio Captcha

This is one of the most common and oldest forms of Captcha. Here you will be provided by a set of letters with an audio option. These words are usually distorted that a human can understand but a spam bot cannot guess thus eliminate the spam users. But there is a problem with this type of Captcha which is that sometimes a user may have some visual problems or even the hearing issue so they can’t even take any help so this is where the captcha app, Captcha solving service can be used for quick solving of Captcha.

The Time Captcha

As a human user, it is normal to take time to complete the Captcha either writing letters or putting in a phrase. This is acceptable by the website owners. However, for a spam bot, these tasks can be done with a blink of an eye. Such speed of bots will enable the security of the website to eliminate it. This may sound convenient and smart but what you don’t know is that if a human user uses the auto fill of chrome and Firefox that security will ban that user as well as they find it speedier. Access to a 2captcha bot can be a good idea to avoid such a situation.

Hidden Captcha Type

This is technically a Captcha that isn’t available to the user so this will not annoy the user. The secrete behind this are the codes which are used to add such Captcha in a page in a way that will not be visible to the users. This is why a user will not have to get annoyed by the Captcha but spam bots. are programmed to tick the empty spaces so they will tick even those boxes that aren’t visible to the user. They will be detected by the security bots on the website and they will be banned. This is one of the best Captcha types so far as the user will not have to look for anticaptcha service.


Captcha is one of the best internet security so far but because of the bad design and advanced technology, it sometimes seems a little dated tech. If you want to use services like anti-Captcha then visit https://www.deathbycaptcha.com/ and submit your Captcha according to the instructions and you are done. You can enjoy hassle-free internet with lesser spam.