What is VPN and How Does It Work?


A VPN or Virtual Private Network gives you online anonymity and privacy; this is how most of the users know it. So VPN is as its name suggests is a virtual private network, a VPN extends a private network across a public or shared network and allows the user to send or receive data across public or shared networks and it looks as if the computing devices of users are connected directly to the private network.

In this way, the VPNs benefit from the security, management, function, and encryption of the private network. Encryption is a part of a VPN connection to make the sent and received data more secure.

VPN can help you mask your IP (Internet Protocol) address thus making your online presence virtually untraceable. Using VPN services, you can establish secure and encrypted connections for privacy never experienced.

It is a little out there but not as hard to understand the basic working of a VPN. And better yet you do not need to understand the VPN working method but to know where you can use it. So let’s look at some uses of VPNs:

  • Privacy and security: Your internet service provider and your browser can track all the activities on the internet. Many websites also keep your visit history. This history is information that you might not want to share with anyone but still can’t keep the ISP or Browser out of this and this is the place where VPN can help you. VPN gives you privacy and security from any unknown threat that might fall on you due to your unknowingly shared information.
  • Change streaming location: Online streaming platforms do not have the same rules and regulations on the content in all the countries around the world. You can watch the shows available specifically in your country from another country or vice versa. Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming platforms and by using the best VPN for Netflix you can watch all the shows from anywhere in this world.
  • Hide your devices: Anyone with access to your IP address can track everything you are searching for on the internet and your location at the moment. Now no one wants that because it is not safe so you use a VPN that uses the IP address not belonging to you and which can’t be traced back to you. A VPN can protect all your devices from attackers, hackers, and data thieves. 
  • Internet freedom: VPN protects you from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) tracking your activity and browsing your history. Most of the VPN doesn’t keep track of your internet activity and so you are free to do things on the internet without being under a spying eye.
  • Browsing history: It is not a secret what you are searching on the internet and what websites you are visiting on the internet but a VPN can help with this by making you invisible to your ISP ad other potential threats.

In a time where technology and information are power, it won’t be a surprise if you are being watched, investigated ad followed on the internet. VPN has the power to save you from this. They are not much expensive, provide great protection, have many servers, available in many countries, support almost every Operating System (OS), and block ads while logging no user data.