What it takes to build a healthy remote team


Most of the employees state a lack of productivity and a good support network as the main reasons for working remotely. Due to the lockdown imposed by the pandemic, remote work is gaining high momentum and the rush for attaining productivity in our lives has become a priority over others. The major problem is faced by managers who often have to keep track of the productivity of the people which is an added hardship due to the increasing timeline of lockdown and the increasing pace of the work from home scenarios. Work from home set up a call for a well demanding dedication to one’s office work due to the absence of monitoring networks and tools. Another scenario is the lack of proper awareness regarding the various tools that the managers can use to monitor their effectiveness.

Ways to develop a healthy team

It is very important to ensure the welfare of the employees due to the distracted state of mind created by the incessant lockdown. The company sets different expectations from its employees but it is very important to ensure their welfare which the company usually does in the form of physical and material benefits but mental welfare is also very important. Frequent catch ups with the team members can keep the employees motivated and keep them on track. Some other methods are as follows:

  1. Find an efficient time window that can bring maximum productivity levels among the employees
  2. Ensure proper mental health counseling for those who are not able to cope up with the deadlines due to the work pressure
  3. Recognition of the efforts the employees put in can be useful to develop their creativity and innovative skills
  4. Make sure the employees are aware of the expectations they have to meet and the manager can ensure whether these expectations are optimum or not
  5. Increase meetings with the team members to improve the communication network and reduce the virtual barriers
  6. The holiday can be set accordingly upon meeting the desired deadlines

Monitoring productivity

Work Examiner pc monitoring has been able to attract huge user traffic and it is popular among the business. The monitoring tools possessed by the work examiner will show the activity performed by employees on their computers. All the surfing on the web, browsing, messaging, downloading, etc. would be recorded and logged in using this software.