Why Should You Use Staff Rostering App and Xero Rostering Software?


The task of developing and keeping a schedule is made easier with employee scheduling software. Automating employee scheduling boosts efficiency and frees up resources for non-scheduling tasks for firms with hourly workforces. Vacation, sick, and compensation time are routinely tracked by such software, and conflicts are alerted when they occur. As scheduling data accumulates over time, it can be extracted for payroll or for historical analysis. Employee scheduling software manages and coordinates tasks, whether or not it makes optimization decisions. Mobile applications are common in today’s workforce scheduling software.

Xero Application add-on that allows users to transmit approved timesheets directly to Xero. Managing small and large teams become considerably easier when you combine with one of our payroll integration partners. All calculations are automatic using our award interpreter, which helps you prevent human error and stay compliant with fair labour laws, making the procedure genuinely easy. The Xero Integration is for you if you want to conduct payroll in Xero. It’s the rostering software that Xero integrates so well with.

Importance Of Staff Scheduling App

Roster Apps is truly efficient as it includes various elements. The iOS and Android apps provide several tools to help you manage your team on the go, including My Shifts, a simple and effective way for everyone in the company to keep track of all their forthcoming shifts. Employees may see all of the specifics of their scheduled shifts, including management comments and break schedules.

They can also request shift swaps, sync shifts to their smartphone calendar, and obtain GPS directions to assist them in arriving on time. This is one of the best roster apps you’ll discover, with tonnes of features and functionality.


Managers may quickly schedule employees with employee scheduling software without worrying about who is available and when. We can share the managers’ scheduling workload with our perfect match algorithm. Here are some advantages of employee scheduling:

  • Make the best roster possible for each shift.

Staff is responsible for maintaining their availability, submitting leave requests on time, and finding the appropriate shift match to complete their shift if needed, using shift planning software.

  • Work schedules are always accurate.

This technology allows employees to request time off directly from their web or mobile account. The manager will be alerted as soon as the form is submitted and will have the opportunity to examine it for approval. Before submitting a request, team members must set the date range and include a note so that management has all the information to make a decision.

Importance Of Xero

Xero Rostering Software is a magical cloud software platform that takes care of all of your SME staff scheduling needs. It handles everything from personnel availability to rostering, shift swaps, and clock-in/out, as well as payroll connectivity with Xero.

The technology is designed specifically for you. The online staff scheduling solutions can help you with all of your employee rostering needs and make your life as a business owner a lot easier.


Xero App is a cloud-based rostering program that makes scheduling staff much easier. Here are some advantages of using this app:

  • The Pro plan includes time and attendance, leave management, and shift swaps as standard features.
  • Ability to measure time and use a digital time clock to approve payroll faster in Xero.
  • With our free smartphone and tablet apps for both IOS and Android, you can roster staff on the move.
  • Last-minute modifications are simple with automatic shift functionality and management approval.

Therefore, check all the plans and details about this efficient technology.