2022 SMS Marketing Statistics You Can Leverage for Growth


Every year, SMS marketing proves to be quite an effective and the most viable way of communicating with customers. It has a remarkable reach and can be leveraged for tremendous growth, which is less costly than other promotional channels.

It is easy to understand why businesses prefer SMS marketing when trying to reach out to their audience – SMS has some surprising statistics. Here are the top ones you can leverage to push your business to the next level:

  1. 72 percent of the world’s population own a smartphone

According to Ericsson & The Radicati Group projections, the number of people using a smartphone in the world as of March 2022 had hit 6.64 billion, about 83.72  percent of the global population. This figure is expected to reach 7.13 billion by 2024.

With these numbers, any business can use the high rate of mobile phone ownership to target specific consumers and promote their brands better.

  1. 54 percent of people globally own a mobile phone

The number of people who own phones (smartphones and other phones that don’t support advanced features) stood at  7.26 billion worldwide. Smartphone proliferation is still low in developing countries, especially in rural areas.

  1. 83 percent of consumers prefer receiving notifications of bookings and appointments through SMS

In a world where customers receive all manner of ad messages and other interruptions daily, it is comforting to know that over 80 percent prefer to receive bookings and appointments through text notifications, as reported by the G2 Learning Hub.

  1. 84 percent of consumers have received SMS marketing texts

The G2 Learning Hub also reports that approximately 84 percent of consumers receive SMS texts from different businesses. This means that although this form of communication has been around for three decades now, it is still the most preferred channel of communication for many.

The stats go in line with other surveys that posit that over 70 percent of individuals will respond to a text from a business.

  1. 72 percent of internet users will only use smartphones to access the internet by 2025

The World Advertising Research Center predicts that 72.6 percent of all internet users will shift to using smartphones to browse by 2025 – that is around 3.7 billion people.

According to the research, much of this growth will happen in India, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, and Indonesia. This is a significant opportunity for SMS marketers only to enhance their strategies as mobile devices are here to stay.

  1. 83 percent of millennials would instead reply to a text than pick a customer service call

Millennialslove chatting through texts – that is no surprise. In fact, 83 percent of millennials prefer texts from a business than a call. They also would like not to be contacted via social media.

As a business, you can leverage the fact that SMS is the channel of choice for millennials and capitalize on it. It beats voice and email.

Ready to Try Out Bulk SMS Marketing?

The stats above show that Bulk SMS is the best choice for consumer engagement – and it is here to stay. Therefore, it is essential to have a carefully planned SMS marketing campaign if your business is to remain in contact with the customer.

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