What To Expect From Social Media Marketing Agency?


On average users spend 2hrs and 30 minutes on social media every day. More than 50% of the time spent on smartphones is using social media. The statistic is not just overwhelming for personal lifestyles but even businesses can grab this opportunity. It can become a crucial element of your company’s holistic marketing strategy.

Each post distributed across the social channels offer an exclusive chance for the target audience to get familiar with your brand, keep them engaged, and convert them into paying customers and advocates.

Social media needs good experience, timely planning, as well as nurturing of targets entering the sales funnel. It is a wise decision that must be handed over to a professional digital marketing agency. Active Marketing is equipped with the necessary skills and resources. They are leaders in offering SEO, content, and social media marketing service.

What to expect from social media marketing professionals?

Capable to attract the right target audience

The social media marketing agency must be capable to define its target audience including current customer base analyses and competitor research. Every social media platform works differently and serves a diverse audience.

The experts need to use every social media platform based on its demographics and strength. This ensures to connect with the right target audience on that specific social media channel.

Must be data-driven

In this digital era, data-driven business decisions are a need. The chosen social media marketing agency needs to be skilled in keeping track of social media content performance, detecting ROI changes, and making necessary changes. You must expect result-oriented discussions that are possible via data. Some critical metrics include –

  • Number of clicks
  • Number of conversions
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • CTR
  • Demographics
  • Relevance

These allow understanding of social event performance. Number transparency ensures trust towards the agency influencing you to pursue a long-term relationship.

Must be creative & innovative

Social media agency needs to have the capability to develop suitable ad campaign and deliver an ideal innovative model. Creativity reveals through canvas ads, videos, paid ads, short ads, bots, cinema graphs, or carousel.

They are well aware of how long the video has to be or what kind of creativity to add to a specific platform or at what time to post viral content. All these are creative decisions the professionals need to make with the target audience at the right moment.

Social media is not just advertising but connecting emotionally. Paid social ads help to reach before a new audience as well as increase conversions. However, PPC or paid campaigns are a quick way to increase your online social platform visibility. However, the professionals are aware that social media success for PPC campaigns involves allocating the ad spend that will drive positive results.

Social media agency develops customers’ insights, brainstorms creative concepts and ideas interacting with users, as well as supports new launches. The incorporation of social media has to be innovative, for example – The advertisement for a native Chinese-speaking target audience in China must be in their local language.

Proper execution

Social media success is not just creating accounts on popular channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The skill to execute it to its full advantage is a must. Besides, delivering trendy and engaging content regularly and consistently is a must. Monitor performance and competitors are also needed. Doing all this efficiently needs commitment and effort.

Hiring the right social media marketing agency means you can expect an increase in productivity!