4 Tips on Designing a File for Banner Printing


When a business owner needs a banner for their company, they have a variety of options to choose from. Along with selecting the banner type, size, and other details, the business owner will need to determine if they want to design the banner in-house or if they’d like professional assistance. Those who opt to do the design in-house will want to make sure they follow the tips here to prevent any problems when it’s time to print the banner.

Know What’s Needed

Fully consider what the banner is intended to be used for, how long it will be used, expected weather conditions during use, and any other pertinent details. It is important to know all of this before starting the design, as some of these options may impact the design itself. The reason for the banner and the size, for instance, will make a difference with what can be included on the banner and how large the images or font will be.

Create a Full-Size Image

When an image is designed small and then enlarged, it’s going to end up looking blurry. This is due to how the image is made larger and it’s something that is unavoidable. Instead, it’s much better to create a full-size image. Though it may be viewed smaller on the computer, the image should be designed so that it will look fantastic, not blurry, once it has been printed. Smaller mock-ups can be created before the design is finalized to aid in creating a full-size design.

Use Professional Design Software

Better software leads to a better image for the printer to use. Amature software is not designed to create large images, and it may not have all of the tools needed to create an amazing design. Instead, always stick to professional design software that has the tools needed and that can allow you to design a professional image to be printed on the banner.

Save in the Correct Format

Printing companies will often request the image to be printed in a specific format. Their printers may not be able to accept other formats or they may be aware of issues that other formats have when printing. It is a good idea to contact the printing company to make sure the file is designed and saved properly, as this will help prevent issues down the road. Those using professional software will be able to save the file in the format requested by the printing company, so it’s easier to make sure everything is done right.

If you need to have a banner printed, follow the tips here if you plan on designing the banner on your own. If you would like help with any of these steps or you’d prefer to have the banner professionally designed, the printing company can help with that. Take a look at the company’s website to learn more about Banner Printing and what all of your options are today. With the right help, you can design a banner that’s going to meet your needs exactly and look amazing.