5 Reasons to Hire Manush Digitech for Your Social Media Marketing 


Not every Social Media Marketing Agency knows what they are doing for clients. A Majority of them simply guarantees you some numbers and in the end leave you with no results.

Let’s begin with a scenario. You randomly look up for a social media agency on Google and they show you some packages that offers the following:

  1. $10 for 1000 likes
  2. $20 for 2000 likes
  3. $50 for 1000 followers

and guarantees the increase in likes and followers for your page. And not to mention, that would be their primary goal for your social media accounts.

Ask yourself. Would you hire them?

Well, I wouldn’t.

Why? The reason is simple. An agency that focuses more on the numbers, and not in the actual results that helps in the social media brand awareness is what good for me?

And what good are these likes or followers if they don’t help in increasing my brand’s awareness or get me sales? 

And then you find thousands of other agencies similar to this dominating the search results of Google. 

But, there are some exceptions, some agencies that works tremendously to bring your brand the awareness it deserves.

In this article we are talking about one such agency – Manush Digitech, and 5 Reasons why you should hire this agency for the social media marketing of your brand.

So Let’s begin.

Reason #1: Uniqueness

Manush Digitech is unique in many ways to help you with social media marketing. As we discussed earlier, the agency does not offer packages to show you the numbers. It focuses only on the results that your brand deserves.

Talking about the uniqueness, the agency does more than just creating your pages and promoting regular posts. It goes out of the box to get the attention of your target audience, which brings us to the next point. 

Reason #2: Targeting

When it comes to brand awareness, it’s highly important that you only target the audience that matches your interests. And that’s exactly what Manush Digitech does in their social media marketing services. They carefully select the target audience in your preferred location that might show interest in your brand.

Not to mention, they deliver the maximum results in the lowest budget possible.

Reason #3: Hubspot Certified

Now, to check the authenticity of a team, it’s important to check if they are really qualified to run your social media channels or not. The entire team of Manush Digitech is Social Media Certified by Hubspot, which itself is a great reason to hire the company for your social media marketing.

They have learnt how to attract a target audience in any niche.

Reason #4: Social Media Planner

In most cases, social media agencies starts running your campaigns without a plan. Not every social media marketing agency in Noida would create a Monthly Planner for your social media accounts, but Manush Digitech does. A planner that is bound to get you engagements, leads and helps in your brand awareness.

Reason #5: Inbound Marketing

The social media marketing services of Manush Digitech are not only limited to promotion of some ad creatives. It in fact follows an inbound marketing plan on your social media to attract the attention of your target audience to engage them in your posts. Which is then followed by the lead generation and getting you an inbound sale.

Reason #6: Extremely Affordable

The most important reason to hire Manush Digitech Social Media Marketing Services is their extremely affordable pricing. A perfect social media agency for startups.


To summarize, if you are looking for a genuine, and affordable social media marketing agency in Delhi, Manush Digitech could be the best option for you. Feel free to try their social media marketing services for one week before getting into a contract.

Good luck.