‘Unlock Your Mind’: The Perfect App for Your Subconscious Mind?


They say that practice makes a man perfect and it is true. But when was the last time you practiced to breathe air or how to eat through your mouth? Ah, you cannot remember a single day, can you? Then how do you do all these things so perfectly without even grinding for it? Yep, that is your subconscious mind, which is behind these.
However, your subconscious mind needs some meal to be working fine just as how you do daily. ‘Unlock Your Mind’ is one of those finest feasts for your mind, which you can download for free in Google Play. It can push you to relax, reconnect, rejuvenate, and reunite your conscious and subconscious selves.
Will it help you in being stress-free or will it not? You can find that out here below:

Purifying Your Stressed Mind Is Easier Than Before

Even bigger than your gaming PC, your mind has more storage capabilities. Every moment you spread, every second you spend, everything gets auto-saved in your subconscious mind. To stop it from being claustrophobic with negative thoughts, you need an app like ‘Unlock Your Mind’. Yes, your mind does need doses of positivity every day and this app delivers those to you.
The app has different modes to choose from right after you get yourself in there. It is nice to see that they covered almost every genre of human life. To Google encouraging quotes and phrases can be boring and a bad idea, especially when you are so broke. Thank goodness that the app has you covered with tons of such quotes to brighten up your day.

Self-Heal Is the Best Way of Recovering Yourself

Just like garbage cans, your mind too holds a lot of silly and heavy things, which are too negative to let go. It can eat your mental self and your subconscious mind fails to accept happy things. So, what should you do then to blow away the sad clouds from above your head?
‘Unlock Your Mind’ has some of the most soulful musical symphonies to hear, which can truly unlock your mind’s negative knots. Hearing them when you fought with your lover can stop the ground from moving away beneath your feet. You can plug on your earphones, turn the lights off and enjoy their soothing music.

The Easy-To-Use App for Being Motivated

C’mon, no one likes to see you downtrodden with an ocean of miseries hovering in your head. Aren’t you going to wash them away and smile for a new beginning? ‘Unlock Your Mind’ is the app you need to read a fresh quote of positivity every time you unlock your smartphone. The developers of the app know that people these days have no time to even check an app daily. That is why they made the powerful quotes show on your lock screen instead.
With average ratings of above 4 stars, this is indeed the perfect app for your subconscious mind. Move ahead and download for free in Google Play now.