5 Tips to Supercharge Your Traffic Using YouTube Marketing


YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine on the planet, and yet you can quickly rank for ultra-competitive keywords using some minimal video marketing. You can capture high search result positions for target keywords on YouTube on subjects that are too competitive for you to rank on Google, all because it takes more effort than writing an article. In this post, I am going to share with you 5 tips to supercharge your traffic using YouTube marketing.

Tip #1 – Repurpose Your Best Content As Video

If you already have some winning articles or blog posts, then there is a strong chance that this content will work well in video form. Obviously not everything translates to video, but these can be great starting points. Using these articles, you should have a good script for the narrator or host and maybe some pictures for the video editors to work with.

Tip #2 – Google Owns YouTube & They Like When Websites Embed YouTube Videos

YouTube is a Google property, and so embedding your YouTube videos on your site is something Google appears to value for SEO. There have been a number of webmasters who have tested this, and while we should take their results with a grain of salt, it should come as no surprise that Google rewards sites for embedding YouTube videos.

You could embed other YouTuber’s videos on your pages to enjoy this SEO perk, but it makes more sense to have your own video content on your own website in order to maximize your brand and to push visitors towards your website goals.

Tip #3 – Create Your Content In Bulk & Set Up an Automatic Release Schedule

Starting and stopping kills productivity no matter what task you’re talking about. It’s called context switching, and when people do it, they have preparation delays between different tasks that decrease productivity.

To combat this problem, it is recommended to never make only 1 video in a day if you have the time, budget, and production team lined up to produce multiple videos.

Finally, when you have a back catalog of unreleased videos, you can upload them to YouTube and have them set to automatically publish once a week or in conjunction with specific marketing campaigns. The YouTube algorithm seems to favor channels that post on a regular basis, and there is no better way to ensure this consistency than batch video creation and scheduled uploads to YouTube.

Tip #4 – Start Video Marketing Now

Making videos for YouTube is a huge barrier to entry for most content creators, which makes it especially easy to rank compared to traditional Google search. The fact that it’s hard to produce good videos and relatively easy to make good written articles, is why there is such a content gap in YouTube and why you can exploit it for big traffic gains in your niche.

The key here is to be like Nike and just do it. It is easy to procrastinate when you think about the fact that video production is not easy, especially compared to writing a blog post or an article, but that is exactly why your competition is not making videos and why you have such an amazing traffic opportunity.

Sure, plan it out a bit, but don’t spend forever elevating a million different options and scenarios. Consult with an expert, get a business strategy formulated with them, and most importantly start utilizing video marketing now. The sooner you start, the quicker you can refine everything to maximize your results.

Tip #5 – Outsource Your Video Production

Chances are, you’re not highly skilled as a video editor, director, sound engineer, but are instead a professional in your chosen career. If you were using video marketing on TV, you wouldn’t even consider shooting the commercial yourself (at least most of you.) So why would you handle the complexities of YouTube video marketing on your own?

If you look back at the other 4 tips, you will see that they’re all compatible with outsourcing. For example, you can give a good video producer your top articles to convert into videos and that could be 3 months of videos produced in a session or three.

Anyway, I hope these tips help you to rank on YouTube to drive traffic to your site. Contact us today if you need help and we’ll take care of everything.  Thanks for reading!