5 Traits to Look For in Web Designer


The term web designer is not new anymore as more and more people are now taking their business online with fully functional websites. If you are also planning to launch a website then the task would start from selecting a good qualified website designer. If you believe that a good designer is the one having lot of creativity then it’s time to learn more on this subject. A good website designer should have good technical knowledge along with creativity to design a website that really works! Here are some important traits to look for in web designer before appointing one!

  • Communicates Well 

This trait may not be used in designing of the website but it will be very much important while communicating your exact requirement to the designer. Listening and understanding your requirement is important and that can be achieved only by communicating. You can understand about this trait by talking to the professional in person or on phone. 

  • Technical Knowledge

As discussed above, only creativity may not be enough to design a successful website. One needs to have technical knowledge about designing. A thorough knowledge of digital marketing and SEO will lead to a successful website design.

  • Experience 

Having worked in various areas of web designing will give enough expertise to the design professional. If the web designer you finalise has experience of working in your niche or other similar niches then you will get more helpful insights. Check the past work portfolio to understand his or her working style.

  • Has an Opinion

Having an opinion is not bad, especially when you want to entrust your work to someone. The designer must be able to offer a feedback about your work, business, and the way you plan your website. This will allow you to think in next dimension and hence bring improvement. 

  • Adaptable

This is an important trait as you won’t be always offering a new project to the designer. Some of the projects are about redesigning and the designer should be able to take it further on the existing platform. 

A good website designer will make a big difference to your website. Find the best to get the best!