5 Ways to Earn With Cryptocurrency


You’ve probably heard a lot about cryptocurrencies, but have you gotten any valuable information about the different ways to earn with cryptocurrencies? The most common option for earning cryptocurrencies is trading on an exchange. However, this isn’t the only way you can make money. This article will show you five ways to earn with cryptocurrencies.

Top Five Ways To Earn With Cryptocurrencies

Earn From Platforms that Offer Dividends
Dividends are company earnings distributed at the end of a quarter or year to stakeholders/shareholders of that organization. Some cryptocurrency companies offer the holders of their native tokens yearly dividends for holding these coins long term. These Dividends are paid to wallets or exchange accounts in the form of cash or that cryptocurrency. A typical example is the BNB coin on Binance blockchain.

Earn By Staking Coins

Staking coins is different from holding them to earn dividends. Coins are staked on cryptocurrency farms or pools. Over a period, returns are earned when there is a rise in the value of these coins. The profit from staking is always ready for the user to collect. Staking offers a form of sustainable income because the more of a particular coin you have, the bigger the amount you receive through staking. In some pools and farms, you can stake and receive coins that are yet to list on an exchange. As a result, you will be given early access to earn some coins before their launch.

Run a Cryptocurrency Master Node

Cryptocurrency master nodes can only be run when the trader has a certain number of coins. It could range from 10-1000 units depending on the coin and its value. Running a master node is like supporting a network. During the time the node runs, the coins or assets cannot be removed. Therefore, users can only remove or trade their coins after withdrawing their support from the coin network.

Joining multi-user pools is the most popular method of running a master node. However, in multi-user pools, you will have to combine assets with other users to reach the amount a master node needs to run effectively. After this happens, you and other users earn your reward based on the amount you invested.

Work For Cryptocurrency Organizations

Cryptocurrency organizations require a lot of work to function and they are relatively new. To earn from crypto, you can apply for positions in the industry. You can become an industrial trader, blockchain developer, cryptocurrency analyst, data manager, etc. In addition, social media also plays a role in the industry. So, you can earn by using social media to advertise certain cryptocurrency organizations and exchanges with their consent.

Trade With Cryptocurrency Autobots

By using automated programs to run trades instead of manually waiting for indicators and news, you can earn through cryptocurrencies. These bots are sold on cryptocurrency exchange platforms and available for free on some exchanges as a feature for new traders.


The cryptocurrency industry is broad and diverse. So, several options allow you to grow your income. However, it is not without risks. Osom offers actionable insights for cryptocurrency traders and a platform to earn from cryptocurrencies.