5 Tips For Maintaining Security Cameras




Have you secured your home or business premises or retail shop with a security camera? Below are some of the tips you should implement to maintain them.

With growing rates of crime having a proper security system in place for your premises has become crucial. There are various ways to ensure security of your premises from various threats and CCTV camera is one of it. Merely having a CCTV camera won’t be sufficient to rely on for security purpose. Although it can be an important component of your security solution. Usage of security cameras is prudent nowadays. Moreover, the improving technology has made it possible to get link the CCTV camera with your personal devices for remote access of data as well as with other security system elements like alarms, video doorbell, etc. There are varied types of CCTV surveillance camera, these include:

  • IP Camera
  • Dome Camera
  • Bullet camera
  • Pan Tilt camera
  • Varifocal camera

You will notice that every space is equipped with these surveillance systems as they ensure excellent security at an affordable price. Whether you are using an IP camera or HD CCTV camera to capture clear visuals, you should keep a regular check on its performance, so they operate smoothly without any disturbance.

Below are essential tips for maintaining security camera:


  • Clarity of lenses:


Due to the changing weather conditions, the camera lenses may give poor picture quality. Clean the lenses to eliminate the presence of any dust or water spots. Regular cleaning of the outdoor camera will offer optimum viewing. There are times that due to poor viewing quality, proofs of theft captured on the security camera may go for a toss.


  • Call the experts:


There are some minor maintenance checks you can do it yourself; however, there are certainly technical issues that you should let the experts handle it. There should be an annual inspection of the security camera. If there are any signs of corrosion or power supply issues, it can be resolved then and there.


  • Replace camera:


If you notice that there is a poor picture quality generate by the camera even after cleaning the lenses, you can get it replaced. Not just due to damage, but it is suggested that if you are currently using a basic analog camera you must upgrade your system to IP camera or HD over analog camera for better picture quality. This will help you to get the exact details for proof against the crime taken place in your premises.


  • Inspect camera position setups:


Often, when a camera is installed, you may tend to forget that it captures the perfect view of the space you want to keep secure. Trim bushes or trees if they are causing any obstruction. Hence, it is necessary to examine camera positioning to get the exact view.

You take so many efforts to maintain the aesthetics and hygiene in your premises, similarly it is very important to maintain your security systems as it can deter a possible crime. Your investment in a CCTV camera is not going to benefit you until you maintain it regularly to get clear quality footage, uninterrupted feed and pervasive coverage of all the areas. You can create CCTV camera maintenance checklist to make the process easier for you to follow.