6 Things to Consider While Choosing a VPS Hosting Provider


In today’s online-loving world, many websites are competing for a single customer figuratively. Virtual Private Service is a great way to increase your website’s traffic. Here are a few features to consider while choosing your ideal VPS.

  • Uptime

A server that is frequently down or offline is useless. Insufficient computing capacity and a weak and unstable network are features of such a server. A Virtual Private Service with low uptime makes it hard to browse. It also lowers your website’s search engine rank. While choosing a service provider, don’t settle with a service that provides less than 99% uptime.

  • 24/7 Fast Customer Service

If you have a trouble-shoot problem (even in odd hours), you need the remedy as soon as possible. Thus, 24/7 fast customer service is an essential factor to consider. The best vps server should offer customer service 24 hours per day every week. The reply from the service should be quick. A delay from their side can cost you a lot. Also, please pay attention to how they reply. Do they rely on just emails? Or, do they use chatrooms and social networks too?

  • Regular Backups for Data Protection

Cyber-threats are increasing day-by-day. A lot of websites are suffering due to viruses, trojans, and hackers, to name a few. They may delete your data or alter them by encryption. If you are unable to recover your virus-encrypted data, your website will lose its reliability as well as a lot of customers. Routine backups play a big part in retrieving your data. Hence, your chosen hosting service must provide regular backups.

  • Storage

The storage capacity of a vps depends on the user traffic on your website as well as file size, among other things. You need larger storage if your server deals with big files and a large amount of data. Websites with databases, pictures, and high-quality videos always need ample storage. Thus, while looking for a Virtual Private Service host, look for a server with a good storage capacity.

  • Managed Vs. Unmanaged Virtual Private Service

Managed service needs the provider to update and maintain the server. This option doesn’t give you much control. Unmanaged service gives you the freedom to manage your server. If you are fluent in technology, this is it for you.

  • Cost

Money spent on a vps server is a long-term investment. Low-cost servers are available, but they come with traffic glitches and other problems. Costly servers have all the right features, but don’t let them loot your budget. Also, look for the servers that offer a money-back guarantee.