8 Ways to know if you Need Laptop Repair


Even if the laptop is relatively new, it is not insured that you will need to contact a service centre. You will not always be able to cope with troubles on your own. Their appearance can be accompanied by unexpected shutdowns or messages about system and other errors. In some cases, programs for work may load slowly or may not work correctly.

When is a laptop repair inevitable?

  1. The laptop battery does not charge.

If, when the laptop is connected to the network, the battery does not charge, then it is either out of order or has already used up its working resource. In this case, you need to contact an accredited service, purchase a new battery and replace the broken one with a new battery designed for a specific model. It is better to replace it at a service centre and repair the laptop using original devices and parts.

There may be several reasons:

  • The useful life of the battery has ended (on average 3 – 5 years);
  • Defective adapter cable or charging port for connection.
  • Laptop does not turn on.

There are more than 10 problems that lead to the gadget not turning on. For example, the gadget’s battery is discharged. If, after connecting to the network, it does not turn on, it is better to take the equipment to the service.

  1. The “screen of death” is blue.

Windows operating systems are equipped with built-in software measures to shut down the computer before a serious breakdown occurs from the category of critical: a hard drive or other components. Then, before switching off, a blue screen appears, on which the reason is written. If this problem occurs more than two times, experts advise you to contact the PC repair service to find out the reasons. Eliminating the cause of the laptop malfunction will help avoid high costs for a serious repair of the gadget.

  1. Programs do not open or other problems arise with the laptop.

The software may not open or run unacceptably slow. It is better to take it to the service to make sure that the computer is out of order with the operating system.

  1. Overheating of the laptop.

As heating during operation occurs in laptops, it is often due to design features. The ventilation of the gadget is clogged with dust and dirt. The fan requires periodic lubrication with silicone paste for trouble-free operation. It is better to contact the service, so as not to accidentally damage your own laptop.

  1. The laptop is making too much noise.

If the fan is clogged, the laptop makes more noise. If you cannot figure out for yourself what caused the increased noise, contact a technician.

  1. Problems connecting to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the internet.

Built-in tools can help troubleshoot connection problems. If you find yourself powerless, take the equipment to the service.

  1. There are problems with the built-in keyboard.

If the advice provided by the support centre did not help return the built-in keyboard to work, then take the gadget to a service for replacement.

  1. Malware and Viruses.

Every time we go online, we run the risk of catching a “computer infection” in the form of viruses and malware and spyware. It is difficult for a non-professional to track down the cause even with the help of antiviruses. Therefore, it is better to contact the service.

Some of the problems are not difficult to solve without resorting to the services of the service. In case of serious breakdowns, it is better to immediately take the gadget to the laptop repair service. Otherwise, you run the risk of facing a lot of difficulties.