The Cutting-Edge New Cloud Inventory Technology by DSI


Meeting consumers’ needs in an ever-changing business environment is one of the most challenging decisions many businesses face today. Understanding how much stock the business needs to maintain optimal levels and maximize profits is a wise decision for strategic managers. Inventory management is thus a priority for any enterprise that wants to make it in the business world in the wake of technological advancements. Luckily, new technology trends have led to the development of high-tech software capable of tracking inventory in real-time. Cloud inventory software has simplified the complexities of tracking the inventory manually, facilitating faster stock movements and reducing inefficiencies that can lead to massive losses. Data Systems International is one of the leading providers of cutting-edge technology in cloud inventory. The company has recently released new software that will be a game-changer in inventory control. The information provided below describes the company’s unique inventory software.

New Cloud Inventory Software by DSI

DSI is a company that has over four decades of experience providing technology-based services to clients worldwide. The Cloud Inventory software by DSI is set to transform how businesses track their inventory. The new cloud-based inventory software gives the users the power to monitor in real-time the assets, tools, inventory, job-site supplies, and other materials out of the warehouse, whether online or offline.

The advantages of using the new software are numerous, including flexibility, reliability, and scalability. Its scalability enables the business to adapt to new stock demands as its scale of operations increases. The new cloud inventory technology also provides inventory professionals with the ability to oversee inventory movement in various geographical locations in real-time. Whether it’s finished goods, work in progress, or raw materials, the business owners can authenticate the inventory in real-time. With the new cloud-based inventory software, inventory managers can track inventory, whether in transit or warehouses.

Field Inventory Management

The future of supply chain management does not lay in the physical wall boundary restrictions. With the field inventory management capabilities, users can monitor their inventory and staff in real-time in different fields or geographical locations. The ability to manage stock in various locations gives managers control over their businesses.

The benefits of field inventory management are numerous. Field inventory management facilitates the tracking and authenticating of high-value goods in real-time without internet connectivity. Through mobile-first technology, it is possible to set up numerous locations where inventory is easy to track. The personalized interface enables the supply chain management stakeholders to have access to the information they only require.

Using the field inventory management, the production managers can assess their teams’ needs in various locations and act on their demands due to the visibility property enhanced by using the new cloud inventory software.

The new software will transform the operations of numerous industries in the world. The manufacturing and distribution departments stand to benefit considerably from the cutting-edge technology developed by Data Systems International. As technology keeps evolving, numerous solutions are coming up to enable businesses to keep up with the changing consumers’ tastes and preferences. Any company that wants to remain competitive has to tap into these new technologies.