All you Wish to Know about Discord Bots


A great feature of the multi-level communication platform discord has been its bots. A discord calendar bot is AI, competent in performing numerous useful automated tasks on your server. The tasks would be inclusive of moderating content, welcoming new members, and banning rule breakers. You could make the most of the discord bot commands for adding music, games, memes, and other content to the server. Rest assured that bots could help you gain experience regardless of you being an admin searching for assistance in moderating your server or a user searching for different ways to interact with fellow members on the server. 

Before you understand about discord bot, consider understanding about discord first. Discord is a chat app, but it is much more than a conventional messaging app. It would help users build groups, communities, and anything you could do together. You could connect to other members through voice, text, or video chat. 

Understanding a discord bot 

A discord bot is best described as a bot running only on discord. It would provide more functionality compared to a normal user. The best part is that you could code your bot and do whatever you desire with it. A discord bot could be any of the following 

  • Chat Bot 
  • Music Bot 
  • Moderation Bot 

What is the use of bots? 

The bots are used for the following 

  • Managing servers through bot commands 
  • Playing music within discord 
  • Controlling the level of spam 
  • Viewing information about your discord user or server 
  • Creating new features that may not be available on discord 
  • Creating webhooks for your site supporting one or several Github Repositories 

It would not be wrong to suggest that there have been numerous possibilities. However, it would be dependent on what the developer has built.