Tips OnHow To Ensure That Your WebsiteIs Usable And Responsive On A Mobile Device


“Focus unswervingly on the customer.” – Jesse Hertzberg, Former COO at Squarespace

Without customers, there can be no sales! This is probably the most straightforward truth about business. Therefore, it stands to reason that the consumer is the most critical part of any business. As the quotation above by Jesse Hertzberg echoes if you do not focus directly on your target audience so that they will convert into returning customers, you will not generate sales. And, you will have no business.

Furthermore, the emphasis the modern consumer places on mobile devices adds an additional level of complexity to your marketing strategy. Simply stated, if you do not have a website that is responsive and user-friendly when used on a mobile device like our school development website Tanchuling College – Legazpi City, Albay, your sales figures will drop, and you will drive your target audience into your competitors’ arms.

Therefore, not only should the question of how to focus on your customers be asked, but a far more critical issue is how do you convert the Millennial generation into repeat customers?

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It is also a good idea to have a basic understanding what methodologies are used when designing a responsive website and testing its usability and a web development company Philippines such as CollabUX Web Solutions, Co can also help you. But, before we look at several tips to improve your website’s responsiveness, let’s take a quick look at the definition of a responsive website:

Simply stated, responsive web design is a design methodology which aims to allow web pages to be viewed based on the size of the device’s screen. In other words, the same website will look equally good, and be similarly easy to use irrespective of whether you access it on a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Tips to make sure your website is usable and responsive


Build personas of your target audience

It is vital to focus on creating a website that attracts your brand’s target audience. For example, if your product aims to reach teenage surfers, it is pointless developing your site without determining what an adolescent surfer’s habits, likes and dislikes are. Therefore, by building a male and female teenage surfer persona, including the specific demographics of each persona, you will have a starting point when designing the site’s user interface.

Focus on UX design

User Experience (UX) design is a core element of making sure that your target audience can view and interact with your website, irrespective of what size screen their device has. A few suggestions in this regard is to use wireframes as a starting point.

Wireframes are essentially a sketch of each web page without any colour added. This allows designers to focus on the usability of each page without being blindsided by colour and loads of text.

Make use of usability testing

Usability testing is where the designers show their wireframe designs to a select group of users. Usability testing aims to determine whether the website is user-friendly or not. The question that must be asked and answered is whether the user can achieve the website’s primary goal or respond to the site’s call-to-action. It is also essential for UX designers to take note of the flashpoints or parts of the site’s design where users struggle so that they can go back to the drawing board and improve on the UX design.

Final words

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