Are You still not digitized? Get all your documents digitized in a wink



Standing in the 21st century, our burden to handle documents is increasing continuously. Regularly, the quantity of physical papers is increasing & it will increase indefinitely. That brings us to the verge of huge time loss, in finding the exact piece of paper as needed. More importantly, getting the correct paper at the correct moment is highly important.

So, if you are facing a crisis to manage all your documents at your fingertips, then my dear reader you are in the correct place. We are here to remove all of your pain.

Digitalize your documents

  • We are an ecosystem of transforming materialized documents into a dematerialized structure. And we get it done in a hassle-free technique. Please understand out process our digitalizing your documents:
  • Connect with our award-winning customer support to fix your appointment.
  • Once that is done, our councilors will call you & will understand the quality of digitalization required for your organization
  • Once that it is done, there are 2 options for pick up of the documents. Either we will send our vehicle if it is within our reach to pick up all your documents in an arranged format or else, we will be sending you to fill boxes & printed labels. Kindly fill those boxes by arranging the documents in a definite pattern. Paste the pre-printed labels and ship them.
  • Once we receive your boxes, we send them to your in-house document analyzing team where we check your documents and analyze the process of digitalization
  • After we send it to the document scanning service terminal terminal, where your documents are thoroughly scanned by our experts. They make sure if any document needs OCR enabled, then they process it like that.
  • After your documents are scanned, they are arranged as per pre-discussed and pre-defined parameters.

Aspects & benefits

  1. Easily traceable & trackable 
  2. Quick in search when required
  3. Can be accessed in multiple locations
  4. Secured & can be shared with definite permission to comment, mark & finalize
  5. Save office space
  6. Space human resources on maintaining the hard copies in the files
  7. The documents can be secured in the Digi locker for an infinite time
  8. No risk of losing important original papers.
  9. They can be preserved for time immemorial & will never be destroyed since physical papers get physical damages at times.