Benefit of HR Software for Nursing Homes


Nursing home administrators face many human resource challenges that can be met with the right HR software.  Some of these include keeping up with frequent staffing changes, employee attendance, and time accuracy, along with state and federal labor law compliance. These are just a few of the administrative processes that can benefit from the integration of software technology with cloud-based storage solutions. 

HR software allows nursing home administration to operate more like a well-oiled machine. It doesn’t matter if the facility operates to prove long-term care or shorter rehabilitative stays, improvements in the company’s human capital quality and care are often linked to less turnover, happier employees, and even happier patients.

Why should human resource software stop at payroll processing? The true value of this software technology is that it boosts your HR department’s productivity, improves employee satisfaction, and is the most effective way to manage people.

Benefits of HR Software

Real-time Metrics

You can’t improve business operations unless you know where you stand. Human resource software can provide up-to-date reporting on many important metrics like employee costs, turnover rate, and absenteeism. Use it as a powerful tool to chart future business strategies and pinpoint employee issues. 

Reduced Human Error

Much of the error in payroll processing is due to a lack of checks-and-balances between employee time reporting and administrative input into payroll systems. An HR system for healthcare automates payroll information and reduces the human errors that are more common in manual systems. Employee hours are tracked according to your time-keeping system which minimizes any tampering with hours worked.

Improved Productivity and Morale

Your HR department will be freed from the repetitious and mundane data inputting tasks that are associated with any HR department. For example, many HR systems even reduce the amount of time it takes to input and manage an employee’s benefits packages. This allows HR to move onto more important in-house issues such as employee morale-boosting and programs that help retain good workers.

Easy Regulatory Compliance

All nursing homes must comply with local and national laws and regulations concerning how employee information is handled. Choose an HR platform that allows you to keep all employee information in one place – from hire to retire. Changes in management, outsourced employees, workplace investigations, and employee/patient conflict resolution will all require support documentation. Your HR operating system should provide reliable information to support all your compliance efforts.

Other Human Resource Software Platform Features

  • Electronic employee onboarding
  • Quick-guides and templates to create new forms
  • Employee life-cycle tracking
  • Cloud-based software solutions
  • Real-time alerts to employee deadlines
  • Tax compliance features