Best Ways to Get Boost Up on Instagram Without 10k Followers in 2020


Here are the best ways to get the boost up on Instagram without 10k followers in 2020. In this article, you will get to on how you can swipe up on Instagram by adding a link to the Instagram story to get free Instagram followers, so enjoy this article?

The Swipe Up feature is a great method availableon Instagram for adding the stories to get free Instagram followersfast. This kind of story link will guide users to swipe up to get more information about your brands, business, website and YouTube video. This feature will allow you “call to action” which helps your account to drive the traffic and get more views, likes and free Instagram followers towards your account. Currently, this feature is working only on Instagram accounts of those who have 10,000 followers.  Here we will go to show you the best ways to add links in your Instagram stories when you don’t have 10,000 followers.

How to Get 10k free Instagram followers Instantly via GetInsta

In this method, you willget to know, how to get free Instagram followers instantly with the best Instagram followers app and likes withGetInsta. With the use of GetInsta, you will get real and organic free Instagram followers.

  • Get the free download of GetInsta App to your Android, iPhone, and PC.
  • Signing up on the GetInsta app and login with your account details such as username, etc. After successful login, you will able to get welcome coins instantly, with which you can get 50 free Instagram followers instantly with no password.
  • Add multiple accounts with the help of GetInsta App to get started.
  • It will start to get 50 free Instagram followers You can check the progress report of the task you have made from the task list of your account.

Take the help of the “Join Chat” Sticker

The “Join Chat” sticker feature is very latest to the new Instagram story which can help you add the link in your Instagram story without having massive followers. It also helps to prompt your story viewers who are interested in thetopic of your story to join your group chat with you. With the help of chat sticker, you only share your link only once and all the members in the chat group can view that link. There is a limitation to the chat feature: Youcan only add up to 32 people can join the chat. But you can create different chat groups with multiple story links to get a boost in your account and websites because everyone can get and click on your link.

Use the Poll Sticker in your account

Another best way to get followers is Poll sticker that is used to vote and also used to share the link on the Instagram story if you don’t have 10k followers in your account. Share some myths, polls, facts and problems related to the topic in your Instagram story, and then ask a poll behind them. You can even directly DM the people who have answered your poll with the help of your link in 24 hours.

Share the Link,your Bio to tell about the product to your followers

Instagram also offers that you can place an external link in the bio about you so that you can tell your followers and other people to hit the Instagram story link that is provided in the bio directly. This is the legit,original and easiest way to get Instagram followers with the help of a shareable link on the Instagram story without having 10000 followers.

Final Words

You can get to boost your Instagram account with Swipe Up method without having 10k followers with these methods. This is a great way to get free Instagram followers, likes and traffic to your Instagram and website and attract more viewers to your YouTube video and able to sell more products and services.