Billion Dollar Photos



Scrappy Tech Startup, Fire Vibe, is taking the real estate industry by storm. Since their initial launch Jan 1st they have already racked up over 20,000 users on four continents with a business model that has Silicon Valley venture capitalists foaming at the mouth.

In only 1 month of being in business the company is on track to reach a value of well over a Billion dollars by years end.

Fire Vibe is the Worlds First Professional Photography Platform for smartphones. Fire Vibe allows anyone with a smartphone to have access to a complete professional photography workflow at a moments notice. There is zero photography training required and the quality is far superior than what the average professional delivers.

This product is especially popular in the luxury real estate industry, as High Quality imagery of properties is one of the defining factors when it comes to selling a property.

Despite the high demand for high quality imagery in every market, there are usually very few professional photographers who specialize in real estate photography. The average agent usually does not have the time or budget to hire a professional, making a product like fire Vibe a potential game changer.

“In all my years in venture capital I’ve never seen an tech startup with so much potential,” remarked Greg Kiffin of KGF Capital. “You rarely see a startup launch a product that is so needed, with little or no competition.”

Fire Vibe charges $1.99 per processed image to a user’s credit card on file. The average real estate listing requires around 25-30 photos making the average user spend around $42 per session, a number higher than any app on the market today. Fire Vibe’s Customer Lifetime Value is a whopping $6500 making a Billion dollar valuation extremely easily attainable.

What makes this possible is Fire Vibe’s competitive business model and non existent competition. Agent’s using Fire Vibe save an average of 80% as compared to hiring a professional Photographer.

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