Block All Advertisements on Brave Browser


Are you among those people who are using Brave as their default web browser? If your answer is yes, there is no need to bother about any ad blockers. By default, the brave browser blocks all the ads for you! Isn’t it amazing? At present, Brave is the only browser that works best as an advertisement blocker and assists in avoiding the ugly banners, strange followers, infuriating commercials, and skips the videos you don’t want to see on the internet! How different this browser is!

Concept of Brave Browser

This browser is new in the market, having an aggressive anti-ad policy. The co-founder of Mozilla and the creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich, made this browser. He visualizes to interrupt the market by not trading with the personal business data ad it has a user-focused privacy approach. It offers the handling of the internet going back to the user. It blocks and strips the online ads and trackers from the sites and provides the users the choice to substitute them with the ads from its own, through which the consumers can get a payment in the form of BAT tokens. 

BAT is a valuable token that can be used as an accounting unit between the users and publishers, advertisers in a blockchain-based and new services platform, and digital advertising. The clue is to make a highly private ad system where every individual gets awarded without any compromise of privacy and security. The Brave users who like to get ads will be assigned with BATs; the token can be given to the publishers as a support for their content and websites. 

Consecutively, Brave predicts the users trading the token for the latest features of site or premium content. Also, the BAT token can be sold on a crypto exchange for Bitcoin, for instance. 

What does an ad blocker do?

The servers of Brave are not intended to see or store your browsing data – all the private information is kept confidential, on the devices of the people, till they delete it by themselves. Brave never sell the data of the users to the third parties. 

Privacy features of Brave browser

Here are some of the best privacy features of Brave:

  • Block scripts
  • HTPPS upgrading
  • Cookie control
  • Fingerprinting prevention 
  • Adblocking
  • Configurable global shield defaults
  • Per-site shield settings
  • The choice to use DuckDuckGo for private search mode

Security features of Brave browser

Let us talk about the top security feature of this browser

  • Show secure and insecure websites
  • Send ‘Do not track’ along with the requests of browsing
  • Control site access to the media (autoplay)
  • Control the content access
  • Form autofill
  • Built-in password manager
  • Clear browsing data

All of the above features make this fantastic browser private, secure as well as fast. Urging people to move towards this system is highly demanding; however, using the reliable and fast brave browser download for blocking all the ads is not! Mozilla Firefox also depends on the same concept, but you need to use a plugin for that purpose. Use Brave to do secure and private browsing at any time!