Maximize your Internet Speed in the 5 most effective ways that exist


It doesn’t make a difference how much changes in artificial intelligence, digital currency or blockchain we make. Similarly it doesn’t make a difference what number of quick and brilliant PCs we make – by the day’s end internet will consistently be the oxygen to every one of these businesses and keep up being dominant and more important until the end of time. 

As the 21st century is rushing about, a simple and exceptionally quick web availability is nothing less than a gift, esp. due to its presence in our smartphones. Regardless of whether we give it enough credit or not, yet from a vegetarian looking for delightful plans and recipes on YouTube to a CEO of a corporate firm assembling a conference without prior warning, winds up in circumstances where the internet acts as a hero like a genuine companion. 

Time has changed just as our methods for correspondence and way of life. Envision experiencing long nonsense of turning on your bygone PC to download another snappy tune that has quite recently turned out on the radio and later associating it to your telephone or iPod with the goal that you can hear it out while you’re headed to work, superfluously tiring, isn’t that so? Every last bit of it very well may be made a ton simpler with only two things: a PDA and a web pack, a monetary and efficient option for our bustling schedules and hurried needs.

We all want a fast connection like AT&T internet. It offers up to 1 Gig which is not common for other providers. Plus, the ISP has just no datacaps! I have loved it ever since I switched to it. No buyout contracts buying me out of here because AT&T is the way to be!

Anyhow, we all want a good internet speed which we ‘think’ is highly dependent on our internet service provider, right? You can search and compare different providers to do so but what if you could also play your part in enhancing its speed without having to switch your current provider? Cool, right? The AT&T call representative told me about this when I was having a little issue with my speed. They were quick to listen and solve my problem. No wonder they have been No. 1 in customer satisfaction for so many years!

Here are the 5 most effective ways to make sure you get the best internet speed possible out of your server.

  1. Web Browser
    The speed of your internet is directly proportional to the quality of whatever browser you use. The internet speed provided to the browsers isn’t the one to blame because the speed provided stays the same in all browsers; be it Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer –final verdict?

    It’s all about how much download speed a browser sucks out of your device leaving you hung midway.
  2. Host Server
    At times, the sole and main reason for a slow internet speed is an increased number of host servers. The more internet they share at the same time, the slower it gets. Sometimes the default Domain Name System (DNS) Servers ISPs offer aren’t fast enough and to fix that, you can look up several public DNS severs offering faster connectivity.
  3. Network Traffic
    Having too many subscribers to an internet-connected network is also bad news for the speed. Too many devices connected to the same source divides the bandwidth among thus adversely affecting the individual speed each device experiences. It literally makes sure you all suffer together!
  4. Broadband Connection
    Yes, yes, the internet speed depends quite a lot on your Internet Service Provider but did you know that the material of your cable also effects it? When they ask you what type of cable you want and you choose a cheaper cable – remember you’re just buying yourself poor broadband connections.
  5. Wi-fi Router Location
    If you place your router in the basement and expect an internet with the speed of light you are just being silly! The location of your router is something worth pondering over because physical matter (esp. water, metal etc.) can easily affect it’s signals.  Check IOT Singapore.