Brand Awareness: The Impact Of Video In Digital Marketing


The utilization of video inband awareness and promotion is progressive, with the trend continuing. In modern digital times, it is no longer an option to use the media in marketing strategies. Since there is enormous traffic of intent users, businesses can spend less money to reach out to the potential consumers of their products and services.

The Statistics

A study on the impact of video content on brand awareness shows that more than 90% of the respondents use the media in their marketing campaigns. Close to 80% experienced rapid growth in their business in the process.

The statistics show that a company loses when they do not use video content in their marketing approaches. So, it is vital to consider a professional digital video production to produce high-quality video content and get ahead of the game.

Videos Are Versatile Marketing Tools

Businesses from different fields can use videos in their marketing campaigns. They are versatile tools to incorporate in the approach for brand awareness.

Regardless of the channel you consider for a digital marketing campaign, you can use the media to make people aware of your products or services. Brands can send them via email or upload them on various digital and social media platforms.

Unlike other forms of marketing materials like text and pictures, videos are ideal for sharing on the platforms. However, keeping the media precise and to the point is critical since the online users watch at least 3 minutes of online video content without losing interest.

Videos Are Personalized Content

Video content goes ahead to engage potential customers and make them aware of the brand. Businesses use them for marketing their products through promotional videos or offering customer service via instructional videos.

A brand can use the material depending on their specific need and personalize the videos to achieve the agenda. For example, businesses can use them to introduce new products, create a rapport with customers, entertain the subscribers and educate them on certain issues specific to the industry.

It Offers a Return On Investments

The companies using video marketing in digital marketing campaigns know the impact on their business. Although it costs to produce the media, it offers a return on investments through sales.

However, it is critical to create high-quality content for the target audience’s consumption. It is why ventures need to use qualified and experienced video content creators to get the best results.

Tips For Using Video Content

As you probably know, there are different ways to use videos to create brand awareness. Below are some things to consider;

  • Informative videos; are the types that tell the stakeholders about the brand. It gears towards creating the trust that leads to loyalty to the brand.
  • Promotional videos; are usually engaging and entertaining to the audience. The videos will promote the product or services a brand offers.
  • Educational videos; since customers will need help to use the products a brand offers, the videos will educate the consumers about them.


Ensure you monitor the impact of video content on marketing strategies. It will help the business know what to improve and how to plan for future campaigns.