Challenges of doing business without CRM solution software



Customer relationship management software is considered as essential requirements that help in collecting all customer information in detail at a single place. It assists in centralising all the records of clients to present as well as future. It is available for all kind of businesses in every size and budgets as from small subscription model (SAAS) to large scale ventures installation. Mostly, retailers, technology businesses and business service industries uses CRM software whereas, hospitality, media, finance, health etc. are trying to realise its benefits. CRM billing software companies includes two leading CRM software such as sales-force and MS Dynamics. Adidas, Electric, US bank, Schneider are using sales-force while, oilfield solutions, consulting firm using MS Dynamics.

What are the disadvantages of not using CRM software for your business?

Customer relationship management software automates every stage such as it starts from creating chargeable activities right through the invoice fulfilment in order to perform billing cycle effectively. It helps in listing billing items from transaction of business and store in billing due lists so that software process collective billing of it. There are various companies which uses CRM billing software in their businesses for getting better relations with customers. Some examples of companies along with the objective of using CRM are discussed as follows:

Examples of companies:

1. Bata is using CRM software for tracking customer’s expectations and make changes accordingly on their trendy design, store design and work on betterment of superior service. Also, they engaged in trust relations with clients by customer relationship management system.
2. Tesco using CRM for the aim of building better customer relationships with clients in order to raise customer base as well as assessing clients needs or values to gain their high level of satisfaction. For which company use multi channel customer management strategy that basically design, coordinate, deployment and assessing channels and get satisfactory results. The CRM developed in Tesco is for increasing the revenue for which they started club cards program and raised sales as well as profit.
3. Nike & Adidas adopt customer relationship management as an essential and core business strategy which helps in making integration between the internal functions as well as procedures. These companies might build database about their clients which shows the relationship so that they could be able to directly access customer’s information, salespeople, services, and management etc. for satisfy the customer’s requirement accordingly.

After discussing the above examples of companies it can be viewed that CRM plays an essential role in all kind of businesses for processing billing on time in adequate manner. All these are top branded companies which use customer relationship management in their businesses for maximising sales and profitability but if they do not use CRM them they will suffers more. So the challenges or disadvantages of doing business without CRM are considered as below:

Task staying problem: As customer relationship management will help in keeping clear list of all tasks and ensures that companies know exactly what they have to do, and remind them for deadlines. As there is no another way to manage information that people need to perform so that without CRM many businesses face challenges regarding task completion.
Unorganised data of customer: Not using the customer relationship management in companies then they probably have various issues for which they need marketing and sales team with the clients records. As it would create difficulties in management because of all data is in one lace and all departments could search for that where clients was in pipeline. All these tasks should be performed by software in a easy and quick manner so it is essential for organisations.
More time and energy is required: Without the CRM software the companies takes more time and energy to collect information while they require to pulling from various internal mechanisms and external websites such as Google analytics. So that customer relationship management is termed as powerful business solutions of intelligence.
Poor on the go connections: Entire world is going to become digital and mobile users are rapidly increases but all information is not available whenever it needed. Most of the companies use CRM so that all customers records are saved to cloud with the help of it businesses can able to find customers details and present up-to-date, also notify them about updates and present whenever it needed. So that companies will lose their on-go connections without the customer relationship management system.
Unable to ascertain marketing return on investment: With the use of CRM tool companies can track their marketing campaigns, link leads and follow with the marketing funnel for making sales and analyse the ROI on that campaigns cost. So company need to be used CRM if they not use then there is an inability to determine the returns of marketing campaigns and investment and it resultin decrease sales and profits.
Manual work with more time: All businesses must perform various activities and functions on a daily basis for which they require proper time to complete them on time. By using CRM software companies can able to keep up to date information in a systematic manner and that are managed timely. There is a challenge that contact form of companies does not entered manually into database from websites of company as there is no automate feature so that CRM helps businesses to consider information, submit, record and even send custom email response automatically.
More information in many places: Mostly, people have spreadsheets or documents on which they save or update them at different locations or even some save on their laptop and forgetting to upload it on server. So that their information are available on different places. In order to save them in cloud or at one place CRM is essential that helps in data integration solutions software and maintain integration between various applications.
Time suck social media: Social media is also helpful for making better connections with clients but there are several platforms on which companies post, share and comments to various accounts that company has. So that social media is termed as a time suck and use of CRM is useful so that businesses can have all information at one place and keep track on them without open multiple windows or accounts.
Difficulty in searching and retaining productive clients:Doing manual tasks is difficult as compared to do automate work by using CRM software. Without using customer relationship management businesses have no time to market their offerings and retain customers through lead nurturing. The appropriate solution is only the use of CRM tool by which they added time and insights regarding clients and gain better satisfaction of customers.
Hard to gain continue growth: It is the major challenge that mainly faced by businesses while they do not use CRM software. When companies are busy in dealing with those types of challenges then they have no time to emphasise on marketing and sales, developing offerings and nurturing leads that may have adverse impact on company’s growth. So that businesses suggest choosing this software for saving time and cost which is valuable for them.

Statistics about CRM industry user research:

(Source: Top industries that use CRM software, 2020)

It can be shown from the above statistics that Retail sector is on the top of industries that uses CRM software. As it captures 18% and business services are on second position to use customer relationship management with the 10%. Remaining technology, banking and manufacturing industry is after the two industries with the 8%, 7% and 6% respectively.

(Source: Which departments use CRM software? 2020)

As per the views of industries in which several departments are formed for managing work which includes sales, marketing, information technology, finance, human resource and many more. Among all departments, within the sales division CRM software is used popularly approximate 80% and others are shows in the above graph along with the proportionate percentages.


It can be concluded from the above discussion that customer relationship management plays a crucial role in every businesses or industry as it is essential for the purpose of better integration. Without the use of CRM software companies will suffer more as the sales and revenue of companies will goes to decline. It has also been viewed in entire report that CRM values for businesses and without it businesses face several challenges and unable to manage information appropriately. Due to the unused of software in businesses the growth and profitability of organisations will suffer more and it will be difficult to retain valuable customers for longer period of time.