Brand Messaging and its significance in having successful site redesign


Chances are, you came across a competitor’s site that you felt more secure and comfortable. This feeling is also likely to be experienced by your visitors, if proper attention is not paid to how your target audience is to be approached. Therefore, identifying brand style is crucial prior to redesigning the website.

Points to determine business brand identity to come up with effective site

  • Are your images of high quality, delivering meaning and purpose: A story is depicted by each image that is chosen for the site. Tacky stock imagery or poorly lit photos are likely to send wrong impression. Your business will only be viewed as unprofessional, lazy and cheap. Define clearly what your images are to portray and what needs to be done and avoided on the website. You can get assistance from the web design Sydney
  • First impression desired to be given: It takes just 5 seconds for the site visitor to create an opinion about any business. Studies having high prototypicality and low visual complexity are perceived to be highly appealing. In short, the website is to appear neat and clean having relevant information being provided in easy to understand language and good to look at.
  • How fonts, images and colors are being used: When selecting design elements for the site, brand guide is to be followed. If business branding guide does not exist, then create one for identifying your style, so that your team members can have proper direction to move.
  • Is the copy telling aloud a compelling story: When writing about services or products offered, it is not about you, but them! This is the right chance to tell and show customers the innumerous benefits your service or product if purchased can offer them.
  • Do people find it easy to connect with your business? At top of the navigation bar, your contact page is to be clearly visible and if there is a physical location, then it is to be embedded on the map, by providing proper directions allowing interested people to locate you easily. Also, the social media icons needs to be on the centre and front allowing people to connect on Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. effortlessly. With more followers, your business can have more opportunities to engage with potential audience, thereby driving leads and improving sales and revenue.

Taking the help of professional web development Sydney services will ensure that your site is fully engaged by potential customers.