ChatBot VS Email Marketing: the hottest challenge in today’s web marketing


Marketers nowadays are creating more and more efficient ways of getting straight to the customer’s attention and hit the mark. Focusing on what their customers really can’t live without they have drawn two important conclusions: they are daily checking out their email inbox and more than this, they simply… chat!


Reaching out people via calls, door to door sales, traditional ads, is no longer as useful as it used to be in the past. The future is now up to automatism: automatic emails, custom messages and personal chat support like ChatBots.

Email marketing and ChatBot are in fact very handy and cheap tools companies have at their disposal whenever that want to connect with the interests of customers and at the same time promote the brand and last but not least, increase sales.

The evolution of the markets, the sudden development of digital technology and the change in consumer behaviour cannot be underestimated. These macroeconomic processes need to be considered if you want to make the most out of the potential and benefits of email Marketing and ChatBot.

But when facing a compulsory choice, which one is most worth the investment?


Have Emails already got lapped by ChatBot?

Even after several years of running, email marketing still retains its usefulness and one of the most effective and important tools for managing an online business.

The advantages linked above all to the possibility of guaranteeing a great communication: a solid email marketing strategy allows you to make your brand appear of high professionalism.

Thanks to email marketing it is in fact possible to subdivide the contact lists and so to optimize newsletters by segmenting customers. In this way customized contents can be delivered following a demographic point of view.

Email marketing definitely help in cost saving when compared to traditional communication channels.

All the given benefits can however be accounted to ChatBot as well.

So what’s the point in having two alike marketing tools such as Email marketing and Chatbot?

Experts say ChatBot are already lapping Email Marketing for they are more interactive and appealing and even it actually sounds like nonsense… human!


Hi there! I’m VivaBot, your brand new company ChatBot

A Chat Bot is actually a software capable of automatously chatting with userswith the aim of looking like a real person. The bot can chat at any time, 24/7 and simultaneously with many different people. The ChatBot can profile users with specific questions, sell products or services and manage communication in an innovative and large-scale way.

With ChatBots it is now possible to communicate in real time via chat with an unlimited number of people. Bots are set up to answer common questions or offer promotions /products to users.

They perform both the customer support function and the commercial one. They are to all intents and purposes, traders.

Many companies developed their own ChatBot thanks to software houses specifically designing them upon request, ensuring they can show up products and services in the most appealing way.

Among them, VivaBot stands out as a creative agency for developing ChatBots, running successful ChatBot representing brands and firms mainly through Facebook Messenger.

Whatever the strategy your company’s picking up, make sure not to miss one of those marketing tools.