How To Utilize Gig Economy Apps To Make Extra Cash In 2020


Gig work: how you might benefit from it in 2020

While I’m not yet to the point of considering myself to be an expert in the gig economy world. I’m really happy with the progress I am having gaining some good ground in my gig work earnings. I have been working on learning my way around in the gig world now for a little over a year; and while I have not arrived at a point of wealth and prosperity, I have learned a lot and I am gaining ground everyday.

When I started, I was doing the resets in Walgreens, and really didn’t enjoy it. Pay was low but I did make nearly $1000 with it in a year, so truly it was helpful. Then I started with the gig jobs app, Field Agent, and I have been making a steady bit of income with it. Started in April of last year and have total earnings of around $650, of which I have made $110 this year alone. I don’t think that’s too bad, at this rate I’ll have a pretty good total for 2020. While the payouts usually are not very large, the work isn’t that hard and I can complete most of them in 15 to 30 minutes. Often I have a scheduled job and I have some time before, so I swing by a Walmart and complete a Field Agent job. It has worked quite well for me.

Another gig jobs app that I have found to be somewhat helpful is Instacart. Here again, I find that some of the jobs offered don’t pay a lot but there have been some that paid quite well. I made nearly $200 last week with this app. I didn’t like the schedule system so well but now that they have the alert system, I prefer this. Here again I have found a relatively steady small source of income.

Then I also have been a Handy Pro handyman and at times I have done pretty good. Overall I think it has been a fairly good stepping stone for me, as I just started a new handyman business in my area. I have used the Handy platform to help me with getting my name out and it has provided me with some other jobs.

So going forward I will be staying on the learning curve. I hope to learn how to increase my income with gig work. I am always open to trying a new gig jobs app. I enjoy the freedom that gig work gives. Yet I will be the first to admit that I need to get a better income. I have goals of creating new passive income sources on top of the gig work I do.

This article so far has been a bit of a story line of my personal progress in the gig economy world. However I wish to transition to encouraging others into the gig economy. I believe that it is the wave of the future. It’s a win for the employer because they have a little less overhead costs. You can take the work that you want when you want it. It gives you a little more flexibility in your schedule.

Jobs come to you and you can choose where you are going to work that day. I am not an expert at it yet but I know that there are some great paying gigs out there. Truly a person who learns their way around in the gig economy, can make a great living. So when do you want to start? It’s just a download away. Step in to another world; the gig economy world.