Choosing the Best Toys for Your Choices


The question may seem trivial, and yet there are many toys suitable for every age. It is useless to offer a child complex toys if he is not able to perceive the materials, the colors. Just as a single toy is enough to amuse a child and make him want it. Explore, to be replaced as soon as it is broken, rather than a lot of toys at the same time. The difficulty will therefore be to choose this toy (to offer) when the store shelves are full of references. Better to proceed according to the age of the child by following mommy adventures.

0 to 3 months

In the first 3 months, baby barely begins to distinguish colors; it is especially the contrasts that attract his attention. As he sleeps a lot, when he is awake he should not over-stimulate his senses either. He already has a lot to do with his environment. He begins to pick up sounds, discovers touch, follows objects with his gaze but only really sees what 30 cm from where his face is. Sing him lullabies, cuddle him, it is above all you and the sweetness that he needs.

From 4 to 6 months

Baby is finally starting to open up to the outside world and to grab and handle objects. He can see better, so toys such as mobiles are great for stimulating him. Finally, he distinguishes colors, his field of vision widens, he brings objects to his mouth, and he distinguishes the different materials (soft, rough). It is during this period that the choice of the blanket will be made.

6 to 9 months

Baby tries to grab objects without thumbs, then gradually. Whatever he finds, he sucks it, nibbles it, it’s what he likes to do the most at this age. He knows how to turn around, catch his feet, sit still; he appreciates more and more the bath which becomes a moment of play. At the table he discovers the first solid foods, the teaspoons.

From 10 months to 1 year

Around 10 months old, he develops a passion for containers that he loves to empty and fill, open and close (pot cupboards are very popular with children of this age), he begins to imitate your gestures, he loves to move, crawling or on all fours. He likes to nest and stack objects, build towers, roll balloons. He loves turning the pages of books and especially throwing things away!

1 to 2 years

That’s it, baby starts to walk. The carriers will help him to stand up at the beginning. He loves to climb, jump, and exercise. Playing in the sand will become his favorite fun, but also land and water (under supervision). He loves to pull things or push them. Some fun doesn’t change like stacking, nesting, books (but this time you’ll have to quote the objects out loud for him to remember them). Baby loves music and continues. He also adores instruments (much to the chagrin of his parents) because the sounds fascinate him.

2 to 3 years old

In addition to all the activities of the last 12 months (instruments, sandbox, bath, construction games, small cars, balloons, dolls, soft toys, books) your child will be able to discover modeling through plasticize (his new passion), the drawing will be able to be perfected on a board with chalk or via water-based paint, all this helps him to develop his fine motor skills. The baby bike or the balance bike will become his best friends. Imitation games always have a role of choice since now he begins to create his own stories. Now is the perfect time to give him some plastic figures.