Why And How To Use Infographics And Graphics To Differentiate Your Brand?


Graphics and infographics are tremendously useful resources that can bring numerous benefits to your brand, as we increasingly value being able to absorb a lot of information in a short time. And this is one of the main reasons for presenting your content graphically, and it will lead you to make the difference between so much noise.

Even today, infographics stand out for displaying textual information in a visual format, which helps us stay in the minds of our users and frequent followers. In other words, infographics constitute a differentiating element within any strategy or content plan, and it is highly recommended by comradeweb.com.

Benefits and Utilities of Infographics

Surely you know that an infographic is a combination of schematic texts that are placed next to different images and symbols, which contribute to understanding and the organization of the information.

Although its profits could be huge, here are some of its outstanding benefits of infographics in terms of branding:

  • They attract the user’s attention and can even go viral.
  • Communication of complex messages in a clear, direct, brief and visual way.
  • Image reinforcement and brand recall as identifying elements.
  • Differentiation thanks to the creative and design possibilities they offer.
  • Recycling of content with the divide and multiply methodology (you get several formats from a topic).

Improved Positioning Through SEO for Images and Increased Page Stay

The power of infographics for your brand is brutal, for example, imagine that you want to make an offer for a physical product, because take advantage of it to outline concepts and represent the step by step of how to acquire it with a discount coupon in the form of a graphic or what is it its operation.

The Best Channels to Publish Infographics

As if all the previous advantages were not enough, infographics are a format that can be shared through different ways to give even more value to the content. For example:

Corporate Blog

Interleaving the traditional posts of your blog (in the text), with the information on a certain topic presented utilizing an infographic, will not only be useful to obtain a greater reach of the content; It will also allow you to improve the SEO of your blog and position yourself as an expert (if the topic is very specific).


Infographics and other graphics are increasingly used in email marketing campaigns. The goal, in most cases, is to get more users to be curious about the content and read it to the end.

And this works, because the fact of including a step-by-step scheme with a call to action to click on your links, triggers the ratios in your email marketing campaigns.

Social Networks

Of course, social networks are an excellent channel to share your infographics (the medium in which they become viral), with special mention to Instagram stories. Its speed of reading and comprehension make it the ideal format for this particular channel.

For example, from Instagram stories, you can upload a template of your infographic, or just the background and add interactive elements through stickers.