Elevate – Brain Training Games


Looking for a quite different, useful game to try on your leisure time. Then here is the app or the game you are looking forward to try. The game Elevate. One of the nicest games to enhance your brain skills. The worldwide millions of users prove that this is a nice tool which helps in developing the brain skills effectively.

This is a nice game to play by each and every one of us no matter who we are. Though you are a school child, worker or an adult still you can use this effective game. sure, you will get addicted to this nice game once you start to play the game.

What sort of brain development takes place?

If you begin to use the app you may find most of your brain skills are getting developed gradually thanks to this app. To name a few such skills:

  • This helps to improve the memory, speaking skills, writing skills, response speed, processing speed, math skills, comprehensive skills, precision skills, and many more. Also, your attention or the concentration ability also enhances.
  • This is the best platform to improve your vocabulary, spelling mistakes and so on. with the help of the diction, you definitely can widen your vocabulary with the correct spellings.

You can download this game from any major Android Apps store like Play Store, AC Market and Aptoide. If your device does not have Google services, you can download acmarket and install this game for free.

Features of the Elevate – Brain Training Games

There is a free version as well as a paid version. In the paid version you are given a 7-day free trial period. You can get an idea about games’ performance or the functions in this free trial period before buying it. But indeed, if you tried the free version then sure you definitely will pay for the app. Because most of the users found it as very useful and wen for the paid version to relish more benefits.

In the free version the games are limited. You can only try 3 games or sessions per day. So obviously this pushes you to move on to the paid version as you may addict to the app. But certainly, it is worthy to pay for the app.

There are around 35+games for you. The games can be personalized as you wish and, in a manner, effective for you. You can create your own game play focusing the most needed skills to be developed.

The performance tracking feature helps you to identify the skills you need to improve as well as you can get an idea about your improvement as well.

Use the workout calendar effectively and just spend few minutes per day and feel a real difference in your mental abilities with the help of this app Elevate – Brain Training Games.

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