Reasons Why Esports is Gaining Popularity


Esports is the short form given to Electronic Sports. In recent days, professional competitive online gaming is becoming quite popular and played in front of a live audience. Millions around the world watch it online through live streaming The League of Legends, for example, attracted around 50 million viewers last year. Online gamers are as popular as the offline ones, with their faces often hidden and talents coming in forefront. It is not only a hobby, but has also become a mode of occupation, and betting, and currently has its own stabilized economy.


Esports needs technology. The Network infrastructure was only possible due to this generation’s improvements in science and technology. All one needs to participate is a computer or a device, an internet connection and a local area network. Online games are the trend now. With internet reaching out globally to people at a low cost, the Esports industry is growing like anything.


Esports not only boosts its financial value by bringing a lot of viewers but also is a pro advertisement option. Primarily as Esports mostly deal with young talents, of the age between 15-35 years, the companies have wonderful marketing options laid smooth for them. In-game advertisements are immensely well known for their updating speed, high pertinence, and novel format. The Esports industry approximately generated $905 million in revenue in 2018. 


We are all aware of the growing impact and importance of YouTube in our daily lives. From cooking to gardening to studying, YouTube is our best friend. YouTube also happens to be the best platform for Esports tournaments viewing and publication. According to statistics, there is over 380 million Esports audience worldwide, along with 170 million dedicated subscribers, and 215 million occasional viewership.

While the debate still revolves around whether Esports should be considered a sport or not, the industry keeps flourishing. We can all have our peace with the fact that some sports require physical performance, while some need mental labor.