Employee Onboarding: Perfecting Your Plan


Integrum Technologies has developed new HR software that can make the process of employee onboarding simple and efficient for any organization. The HR teams will no longer ever face the problem of misplaced new hire information and will be able to utilize the talent of their workforce to the best of their ability. 

What Exactly is Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process through which new employees are introduced to the operational structure and hierarchy of an organization so that they can become effective members of the team as quickly as possible. Onboarding may involve some training, providing necessary access keys and familiarizing the new hires with the work culture of the organization. 

When Does Employee Onboarding Start?

The onboarding process should start as soon as a new recruitment is completed. The HR onboarding software provided by Integrum Technologies apart from facilitating the issuance of offer and appointment letters, also helps collect all the necessary candidate information including the mandatory documents from the candidate.The employee is given a chance to preview and accept the offer. The employee onboarding platform of Integrum works end to end till the employee has completely been onboarded and absorbed into the organization. 

How Long Should Onboarding Take?

The onboarding cycle can vary from one organization to the next. The employee onboarding platform of Integrum technologies is based on workflows and is fully customizable so that every organization can expedite the onboarding process as per their own scheduling requirements. 

Why is Onboarding Important?

Every organization has its own unique structure and methods of operation. In order to make new employees understand their role in this organization the onboarding process is very important. It removes operational roadblocks from cropping up later when the new employee has to be assigned important projects. The onboarding process has been found worldwide to improve employee productivity and reduce employee turnover. 

How to Formulate an Effective Employee Onboarding Strategy?

In order to create an effective onboarding strategy the organization first has to decide on their expectations from the new job titles that they are hiring. The next step is to determine the kind of training and access that role will require and then developing a timeline for its implementation. The HR onboarding software from Integrum Technologies makes this process much faster and easier. It provides automated data collection, automated salary calculation and offers letter generation and acceptance. Their employee onboarding cycle can also be customized to fit the specific policy requirements and approval accesses of each organization. 

Getting It Right from Day One

In this day and age of intense competition every second matters and the level of automation offered by the Integrum employee onboarding platform dramatically cuts down the time and energy required from the HR for the onboarding process. It also improves transparency, protects the company from later policy violations and improves the productivity of new employees letting them scale-up their contribution to the enterprise quickly and efficiently. A good employee onboarding experience also leaves a good impression on the psyche of new hires and helps in talent retention at an organization. 

Onboarding with HR Software

The days of weeks wasted waiting for offer letters are long gone. Organizations are very keen to avoid having an idle workforce waiting to understand their role in the operational workflow. So more and more companies are now shifting to HR onboarding software from technology solutions providers like Integrum Technologies. These software solutions automate the process of onboarding and reduce the burden on HR of completing routine and repetitive paperwork so that they can focus on more important functions for the growth of the organization. HR onboarding software also improves the experience of new hires as they are given all the tools they require to build their career in their new company. 

HR plays a very important role in recruiting talent that can improve the organization and also ensuring that the employees maintain their productivity. The onboarding process is the first step in ensuring employee productivity and it is an essential function for any enterprise that is trying to scale up and increase its workforce.